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My Mind Reverts

I’m not sure why my mind reverts

Back to before I was hurt

And I’m not certain

Why you were working

Me over

You left me for another… 116 more words


"The Hurricane Inside"

The air is thinning, the clouds are forming.
I can feel the Hurricane inside brewing.
It moves slowly, as if to give me a chance to race away. 159 more words



i used to feel so connected to you-
this sense of familiarity that is disappearing now
and we are just as we started–
strangers without a name, at two different places… 111 more words


i regret falling in love with you

i regret falling in love with you;
you defined love for me for a long time. elvis presley songs
and dancing on the kitchen floor with the phantom of you. 105 more words


I don’t set out meaning to do it, but somehow, I always end up hurting the people I love.

Don’t fall in love with people like me.

6 more words

Why Hooking Up Is The New Fast Food

I’ve never had an orgasm during any casual hookup (sorry). Part of it is unconscious and part of it’s a conscious self defense mechanism. Biologically, women have oxytocin flooding their brains during sex and even more during an orgasm to encourage pair-bonding. 1,000 more words



The heart is yours and yours alone, don’t rent it out just like that,
There will be times you’ll regret it, but don’t ever get shut. 112 more words