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After Heartbreak

We’ve all been there. We’ve been in love with someone or the idea of someone. We change ourselves or we change each other. Instead of two separate people you become one. 417 more words

Literary fiction.

This is an unusual semester for me. I’m taking courses that I’ve never really taken before, and I’m still getting used to them. I’m kind of scared, because I don’t know if I’ll do well or if I’ll do badly. 276 more words


True Love?

Everyone yearns for a long-lasting relationship. A relationship where you can fight like kindergarten classmates over a candy, talk and tease like buddies, care and love like family, be like Batman and Robin, or even act as partner-in-crime like Mr. 627 more words


And Then Hope Found Me

And then, listening to Jacob’s Well sermon audio I heard the sounds of people who hope. Hope, not just a pat word to pass around, but a choice of the mind to choose to believe in more. 36 more words

Saying goodbye to a piece of our family

My sister came over tonight and cried on my couch after just having put her cat to sleep, and even though it wasn’t my cat, Cinnamon had been apart of our family for over 17 years, so I sat on the couch and cried with her. 586 more words


The love list

I have in my mind the utterly bewildering list of things I could have done differently
A list of words I could have chosen over the ones I chose… 311 more words

I caved

After three days of no contact between me and my ex, i caved and texted him. I told him i missed him. Why did i do that? 440 more words