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“I spent a day mourning over what was, and it was a day too long. Despite other beliefs, I know I can be loved unconditionally and have the patience to enjoy stillness in a period of transition. 402 more words


No One Wanted to Hook Up With Me - Tinder Tumble: Six Date Stumble Part V

The one thing that caught me completely off guard during my brief foray into Tinder was how normal everyone was, or how rapid the “illusion of  normal” was. 464 more words



This is a post that I’ve wanted to write for the longest time. It relates to every post that I ever wrote about loving oneself, getting to know oneself, and generally being happy alone –that is opposed to have your life and worth be dictated by the relationship that you are in. 243 more words

I often I pray that I’m wrong. Feeling isolated leads me to wonder if there are loyal people out there. Maybe there are but I’m not significant to any of them. 757 more words

My Shoes

“If I were in your shoes,” or “I don’t know what I would do if I were in your shoes,” is a statement no window(er) wants to hear. 918 more words



And then one day, I woke up and decided I wasn’t going to be sad anymore. And just like that, I wasn’t. I wish I could tell you there was some miracle cure, a song I heard, a book I read, or some advice I received that changed me. 461 more words


The Evil in this World

Sweet new born babies
cute boys and girls
destroyed instantly
The Evil in this World
I can’t stomach another story
I can’t accept anymore such pain… 273 more words