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Breaking Back-&-Forth

In many ways, it does feel like I only go through different phases of the same cycle.

Earlier today, it took me an especially long time to make coffee, mulling over certain thoughts as I kept stirring an already-well-stirred cup. 1,287 more words



How I Let You Go On The Most Depressing Day of the Year
and Feel Pretty Good About it

I burned all the leftovers. 502 more words

Zachary Caballero

An Open Letter to The Guy Who Doesn't Want to Hear It.

Dear crush, or “ex crush” I should say,

I’m here writing this blog barely anyone will read. Why do you ask? Because i need to let my feelings out and I don’t want to bend the ear of my friends anymore, therapy costs money, and you won’t listen even if I paid you all the money in the world. 1,805 more words

My person(s)

Have you ever had one of those weeks when relationships were formed, transformed and broken and you wake up with an overwhelming amount of stuff… 772 more words

Day Six - Six Words

I didn’t think speech was powerful,

But your six words changed me.

When you screamed the floor shook -

it somehow resembled your trembling lips. 99 more words

You're worth it.

I truly believe every woman should go out of their way to feel empowered by the low of a heartbreak. Sounds crazy right? Not really, I know its the perfect opportunity for you to fall (deep) in love with yourself. 272 more words

Day Three - A Charm Against Heartbreak

Don’t look into his chestnut eyes,

or let him touch your skin,

or put on a charming guise

like a sly and teasing grin,


for he may steal your smitten heart… 22 more words