Tags » Heartbreak


My peace, now, seems so transient,
Where once my smile was true to me.
Your words and whispers linger, but,
They seem not what they used to be. 149 more words



I would rather be angry than not feel

If only to know that what we had was real

And for you to so easily move on… 83 more words


Your Standard of A Woman Good Enough

I’m unhappy, like really unhappy. Because there’s a hole in my heart where you should be. Because I can’t bring myself to be with anyone else. 278 more words

One Step Closer

Every day I wake embracing the start of something new;
A new work day to help with the treatment of patients,
The promise of laughter from my friends… 274 more words



I long for the day where I won’t think of you as soon as I open my eyes, where the thoughts of you that plague me in my waking moments come less and less, where I don’t unconsciously shed tears in my sleep when I dream of what we used to be and could have been. 76 more words


Unnecessary lines and Abrupt Conclusions.

Snatched the what ifs following the
twinkling of our last page.
Fell in love with your character
after the first chapter
without a morning after… 213 more words


It Would be Weird if I Didn't Miss You Part 2

I just focus on your soft voice
Telling me how wrong I am
And forget the rest
So maybe I can finally sleep at night… 34 more words