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Find Somebody To Breathe For

“Morning Word: The person you are not making time for is the same person that someone else doesn’t mind making a future with. It’s crazy to Me how some of you can have a present right in front of you and will not open the gift because you think you got it like that. 131 more words


Willing To Stay

Not to show
A lack of heart
But with all my years
I’ve had my tears
A simple wisdom
Gained in pain
All you can do… 31 more words


i mention himĀ once
in the present tense
she and i freeze

our hands hover like claws in front of us
waiting to see if… 70 more words


What does it mean to truly be in love?

If you asked me this question two years ago, my answer would have been to care for someone more than you cared for yourself and that you’ll spend the rest of your life with that person. 728 more words


Come On

Little slivers of mirror
How you dance and dazzle
As you tumble and clatter
Smiling for the lights
In failing sparks of arousal

Little splash of wine… 31 more words


Denial is a bitch

I am at my wits end. The man i was seeing for the past year who began ignoring me and excluding me from his life with no explanation last two months has the nerve to say today that he is confused by the hurt i have over how things have gone. 837 more words


His Choices

I put five years into loving him, of helping him putting up with ever fault and issue, of working through my own to be a better person. 230 more words