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managing care...

As of today I’m under a managed care program. Which quite frankly scares me half to death. There’s been horror stories of people not getting the care they needed in time because their program didn’t think they needed it. 317 more words


The day I broke a mirror

Today is a bad day. A bad day.

First thing in the morning, I broke my mirror even before crawling out of my bed. Couldn’t vacuum the floor because it is freaking 615am! 331 more words

Heart Felt

The Days I Almost Saw You..

(CLAIMER: hey, bestie, this title might seem like I am trying to ape you, but in my defense, I had this article typed and ready to go since over a month ago. 204 more words


Day 30: An Unconditional Love.

People spend their whole lives searching for unconditional love, but all too often they don’t see the love that’s been there all along. 

I have felt and experienced unconditional love, the type of love that guides you, protects you, and will never ever leave you no matter what. 550 more words


On Failure - a short update, and a lesson learned

Another short update to bookend last weeks issues. There’ll be a new piece this Thursday, back to usual.

As sentimental as I may be about what happened, it’s all plain and simple: I failed. 426 more words


The Heart

Is something you need to follow and let direct you, and be wise with. My heart hurts right now, and it’s something which holds your emotions but also decisions, conviction and strength: “I wholeheartedly agree!” …Surely you agree with your mind, not your heart?