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where do we go from here?

I won’t lie. This past week or two has felt like I walked through hell and back. I think I’ve shed more tears in the last ten days than I have my whole life. 383 more words

slow but sure

the apartment is slowly getting into shape

The downstairs is fine, it is my bedroom and den.
My God I have a lot of stuff… 82 more words


What Is It That You Desire Most?

A friend shared this video and instantly when I watched it, I felt happy and inspired to continue to value the important things in life, the things money cannot buy. 35 more words


One year has passed
A year full of events

In many ways, the most memorable of my life… 367 more words

Hey Dreamy Dreamer....

I am apart of the Bloggers 101 camp and today we have been assigned to write to our dream reader….I will write and not erase, and just say what comes to me. 247 more words

new hair do.. smiles.. = good news!

Yes, finally my hair is cut. It looks and feels so much better. I had my repeat cat scan on my lungs. I smiled very nicely throughout the procedure. 270 more words


When I love...

It’s one o’ clock on the morning. I can’t sleep. I’m lying in bed beside you. You’re too tired and sleepy to talk to me, after a very long day at the beach. 611 more words