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Flu and snow


We’re both sick. I got it first and probably gave it to E. Sorry about that. It feels like a flu, which feels pretty bad. 259 more words

Information Vegetable Animal And Mineral


It felt like a metaphor, even as it was happening. I sat there, hands blackened by grease and dust, my son sitting on his bed looking down at me amongst the debris, the tip of the yellow and maroon tie winking at me from the mouth of the vacuum cleaner. 681 more words


Cosmic Colds

When you have children, it seems like it is an open door for letting in all the little germs and bugs that float about and incubate in areas like schools and day care with sniffling noses, hacking coughs, sore throats and such. 369 more words

Carpe Feline

"Heart[h] and Home"

Early last year, in the middle of a terribly hard time in her life, Susan lost her mom to cancer. I honestly have no words to put to such a difficult thing. 392 more words


Exploring Irish Cooking: Potato and Fresh Herb Soup

 This week, as I explore Irish cooking, I decided to try another soup.  It’s been chilly, and soup has a way of comforting like no other.   172 more words


Exploring Irish Food: Snow Pancakes 2.0

Just as I thought when I first made the batter for snow pancakes, once the snow fully melted, it was much easier to cook.  I let the remaining batter sit in the fridge overnight.   135 more words


Exploring Irish Cooking: Snow Pancakes

Well, it’s another very snowy day in Northern New York.  I didn’t have to go into work, so I decided to do something special for breakfast, and searched my… 408 more words