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My wife didn’t have her phone silenced when the text messages started coming. Ping after ping they exploded into the quiet of the kitchen, and from where I stood, forearm deep in the soapy water of a sinkful of dishes, I wondered aloud what the emergency could be. 837 more words



E and I had a bad run of insomnia recently. For a while we were alternating: one night I couldn’t sleep, then the next night she couldn’t, then back to me, and so on. 218 more words

Hearth And Home


The cat greeted us at the door, scolding us for being away too long. Bags piled by the stairs, the kids busy rediscovering their back yard, my wife and I exhaled, happy not to be crammed in the car. 242 more words


Waffles in Pismo Beach

Toward the end of the road trip I asked my kids what they’d liked best. They didn’t agree on most things; my six year old son told me he liked kayaking and swimming; my nine year old daughter liked seeing her cousins and visiting Los Padres National Forest, but they both had one surprise (to me anyway) in common on their lists: breakfast. 314 more words


Germans in Corte Madera

The two Germans in the pool were shouting and swatting their inflatable ball at each other. Maybe thirteen, the casual observer might have taken them for Diegueño students, except that they kept yelling “Schlagen hassen!” 499 more words


Generations in San Rafael

I’m protective, as a rule, and fiercely so as a dad. I get it when parents bring concerns to my office, and I understand the solicitousness they bring to their own child’s education. 561 more words


An Open Boat in Richmond

About twice a month when I lived in the Bay Area I’d hike with my friend Jeff, an English teacher from the East Bay. We’d taught together only briefly, but found during the discussions on our rambling walks that even as we went to different schools, our love of teaching and finding creative ways to work with students brought us closer together than the days our classrooms were next door. 353 more words