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Hearth-to-Hearth: How you can Maintain Fireplaces in Greenville, SC

Make sure that you only burn seasoned wood on your furnace, that is to say, dense ones like oak, which has been split and stored in a dry place for about six months. 88 more words

A Touch

We bashfully touch
The rims of our glasses
Together to a
Tinkling chime,
And see each other
Through the rich, red
Wine within
Amid a constellation… 89 more words



an earth
a sky
and a pale scent

of home…

what else can be asked
or is worthy

of being desired?

rather than somewhere
to return to

what else can
one preserve?



A relationship is a plant

growing in our heart.

It’s seed is nourished

by the quality of the soil.

It’s leaves grow and spread

with the water of attention. 59 more words



Well, a little later in the week than anticipated, but a morning of Intense Cleaning has been accomplished! From the physical (vacuuming, dusting, tidying) to the spiritual (smudging, reconsecrating), the house is a bit closer to sparkly again. 135 more words


Shabby Chic Bathroom Design With A Hearth And A Sideboard

March 29, 2014   Bathroom                                                         Advertisement
This bathroom is a terrific instance of how this area can decorate the home in shabby chic style and make it the excellent spot !. 18 more words