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Hearth - The Booze Megillah

I’m on page 18 of the so called “Wine List” at mothership Hearth, and I still haven’t seen any mention of wine.  I am about to get brainwashed into ordering a Riesling bottle by the 10 pages of why I should be drinking more Riesling, followed by an essay about the glory of Riesling, followed by a solid argument that Riesling is more fun than babies.  650 more words


Foyer Chaleureux; Warm Hearth

I love excitement. Adrenaline rushes and spontaneous activities. I love living with no plans except to make as many as I can in a day.  Travelling opens my eyes to endless possibilities, and a sense of freedom; a visual observation of how big the world is. 453 more words

The Grocery Thing or Kitchen as Playground

How do we feed ourselves and by extension our families?

There are deep underlying questions and approaches to this fundamental daily practice, but today I am going to keep it to the nuts and bolts as I am experiencing them. 921 more words


Fall Fireplace Optimization

With the chilly weather blowing in and the rich, color transformation of the leaves, it’s finally starting to feel like Fall. This means more sweater shopping, heavy jackets, hot cocoa, and of course, spending all day by the toasty fireplace with a trashy novel. 464 more words

Tips & Tricks

The bus driver

I asked the driver,

Where does this bus go?

He said it just goes

All over the town,

But by end of day

Its back in this place. 30 more words


Echoes Playlist: Hearth

Playlist by Danielle Gonzales, Description by Danielle Gonzales and Antonio Castillo

There are many takes on the word family: it seems to be all at once the foundation, failure, and facade of many people. 138 more words


Writing Begets Writing

I’ve recently been involved with the wonderful Hearth organisation. Founded by Polly Wright, the artistic director, Hearth aims to use the arts to animate key issues in mental health, social care and the humanities, and to promote well-being. 151 more words