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From the Lips of the Oppressed 2.0: On Broken Heartstrings, and Crossed Boundaries

If I had a genie and it had the power to grant me a single wish,I’d ask for one thing-

For one moment when I could finally feel a heartfelt appreciation of how I was as a daughter, a sister, a student, a grand daughter, a niece, heck, a person. 307 more words


Hometown sweetheart, hung around in the dark
Only make a move or two, I was just a young fool
Never been to night school, didn’t know enough to be cool… 372 more words

Heartstrings - Original Fiction - Part One

Title: Heartstrings
Fandom: Original Fiction
Summary: Tristan Underwood is a senior in high school, when his life unexpectedly changes forever.
Word Count: 15,024



The story behind it is about a mother/woman who has lost her child/love for one reason or another ( I have my own personal story, but I wanted the viewer to be able to interpret it any way they relate to) but she has lost her child or her child has left and she visits the sea every night with her lantern in hopes that the light may lead her son home. 212 more words



Reoccurring dreams,
Swing through time,
Graveyard pulled heartstrings,
Many left in the brine.

The names I read slowly,
On the arched headstones,
Wishing I was a goalie, 23 more words


My top 10 favorite quotes from K-Drama^^

‘If such thing as a miracle exists, then it’s another name for hardwork’

–To the Beautiful You

‘It’s good to have a big dream. Even if your dream is shattered, the shattered pieces are still big’ … 138 more words

Quote, Lyric, Poem, You Name It!

Second Honeymoon Party: Sara Walter Ellwood Celebrates Re-release Bliss With Kensington Publishing! Post 4

Gambling On A Heart

book 2 of The Colton Gamblers

In Gambling On A Heart, I tackle something that I think a lot of women struggle with—body Image and Self-esteem. 2,318 more words

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