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The controversial Heartworm

It’s my personal choice to give my dogs the most natural chemical free life possible and I do not treat for heartworm.

I do get some rollocking about my choice, but I know I’m not alone in this decision. 2,372 more words

Heartworm Awareness

Spring has sprung and that means the mosquitos are not far behind… 

thus bringing us to the time of year when heartworm disease becomes a concern here in Canada and the northern States.   310 more words

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Spring has sprung!!!

So spring has finally showed it’s face and I have never been happier for the cold rain and grey days. This winter has been all in all awful, even for a Canadian winter, I think two families in the GTA died due to carbon monoxide poisoning due to heating homes with alternative heating sources ( don’t do it and if you do make sure there is ventilation, burning of fossil fuels is often incomplete and dirty results in CO gas among other gross toxins). 249 more words

April is National Heartworm Awareness Month

As winter finally loses her icy grip on the Berks County area, the warm weather heralds the start of another parasite season. One issue that continues to plague the entire country is heartworm. 198 more words

I Love this Dog

Phoebe. She came to us barely out of puppyhood. Pregnant and a mess. We bonded immediately. Her pups all died shortly after birth, infected with Canine Parvo virus, then Phoebe tested positive for heartworm. 21 more words

To test or not to test?

Years after years, we are asked the same question by dog owners. Why should we test our dog for heartworm, especially if it was on preventative medication the previous year? 224 more words


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You should follow your veterinarian's recommendations concerning global parasite prevention.

Spring : the awakening of nature ... and parasites

Believe it or not, spring is coming this week ! We think we can all agree : FINALLY ! Unfortunately, during the awakening of nature, that is spring, everything wakes up. 594 more words