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Iggy copes with loss.

“Hey, what did I win?”


“The photo contest. What did I win?”

Oh, that. Sorry, Iggy, you didn’t make the finals.

“What?! I didn’t?” 281 more words


Iggy, outside.

“So much time in solitary–“

You’re not in prison, Iggy, you’re getting over heartworm treatment.

“–but still, I remember this.”

What do you remember? 439 more words


Celebration Day!

Today is celebration day! My little fluff ball of white comes home from the vet today. He’s been there the last few days getting his last heartworm treatment. 203 more words


Vote for Iggy (again! And again, and again...)

“Hi everyone, Iggy here! I’d like to take a moment to ask you to vote for me in this contest — it’s sponsored by a supermarket chain and the winner gets $750 in marrow bones and treats.” 150 more words


Iggy, terrifying.

“Hi folks, Iggy here! Getting over heartworms and tired of confinement? Just lie down in your crate and breathe really fast — you’ll be out of the crate and going on a car ride before you know it! 178 more words


Morning news update.

“Good morning. I’m Iggy and here is today’s top story. The mini Schnauzer hostage crisis is now in its eleventh day with no sign of a resolution. 237 more words


How do you walk a dog recovering from heartworms? Very carefully.

“I like being out in the exercise yard.”

It’s not an exercise yard, Iggy, it’s the sidewalk in front of the house.

“I’m just worried that I’m gonna run into some gang or other and I’m gonna have to defend my turf, you know?” 362 more words