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Why is there "Spaghetti" coming out of my dog's bottom?

Worms! One of the few things that is very likely to gross out any pet owner AND vet! Apart from making one gag at the sight of them, intestinal worms are a genuine threat to health and well-being, especially in young pups, kittens and senior pets. 484 more words

Kentucky: Rank 14th for Heartworm Positive Patients

Kentucky canine and feline patients are at an increased risk of contracting heartworm disease.  The newest data is out and we are currently ranking 14 out of 50 states and the District of Columbia.   291 more words


Meet the Parasites

The Pet Supplies Delivered Guide to Common Pet Parasites

They lurk in dog parks, back yards, and sometimes even in your carpet: pet parasites. They’re tiny, gross, hard to get rid of, but easy to prevent. 303 more words

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Heartworms Only Infect Outdoor Pets...Right?

When it comes to heartworm preventive, we get lots of questions from our clients. There are many myths regarding heartworm disease in dogs and cats. Now that the warm, humid summer is upon us, it’s time to dish the dirt about the myths surrounding this potentially deadly disease. 333 more words


How much do you know about Heartworm Disease?

Can you recall the days of heartworm disease just entering into the Omaha area.  Those were the days of once a day prevention tablets and annual blood draws only in the spring.  164 more words

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Is There Heartworm in My State?

No matter where you live, the answer is yes.

Contrary to popular belief, heartworm isn’t just a problem for pets in hot climates. Although the disease reaches its peak during the summer months, cases of heartworm have been reported in all fifty states. 62 more words

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