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🐳 Getting ready for the beach with today predicted to be unbearably Hot !! 🐬

Its 9.43 and already the weather is incredibly hot 27c . Today is set to get to 35c or 95 F. Lucky for me im about 5 mins walk to the beach so getting ready to go now.

My Life

Summer Mornings

Summer doesn’t officially start for another 10 days, but it sure as hell feels like its already here.

While I don’t like summer, I love summer mornings. 475 more words


A Sweltering Hot Sunday Favourite

Is it hot at your place? It’s sweltering here, abnormally hot for this time of year. 41*C or 106*F.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s all the hot air being pumped out by the world’s politicians as they congregate in our lovely city for the G20! 70 more words


No wind
No breeze coming in
Just a stale heat
In and out
The blaze of sun
Is upon us and we are all
Trying to find some comfort… 59 more words


An aching body

Yesterday I finally got around to trying something called Heat Wave Pilates. To those of you who don’t know what that is, I can tell you that it is Pilates in a room that has been heated up to 37 degrees celsius (99 degrees fahrenheit). 149 more words

A Day In The Life

Claim: If no action is taken, extreme heat waves will become the norm by the end of the century

From the Joint Research Center:

Analysing heat waves – new index allows predicting their magnitude

JRC scientists have developed a new index to measure the magnitude of heat waves, in cooperation with colleagues from five research organisations. 282 more words


Heat Wave by Richard Castle

This is perfect for fans of the television show. The show is clever, funny and tongue in cheek. It’s almost a parody of cop shows, and the book is no different. 60 more words