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13. Barbed Wires

My whole lower body is tightly wrapped
with criss-crossing barbed wires
that coil underneath buttocks,
twine around lower calves,
strangle ankles,
curl underneath heels,
and tighten big toes. 124 more words


Climate Change? What Climate Change?

About that climate-change argument…

Snowstorm Barrels into Northeast was the headline on the New York Times at the door; Rainless January sparks fears, fires proclaimed the lead story in the… 421 more words

Claim: 'global warming has been amplified in cities', ignores infrastructure increase

Heat waves becoming more prominent in urban areas, research reveals

For past four decades, global warming has been amplified in cities, warns UCLA geographer

From the University of California – Los Angeles… 753 more words


TV Review: The Flash, “The Sound and The Fury” (S1,EP11) - That Tom Cavanagh Guy? He's Pretty Good

The Flash‘s mantra is that there will always be more story to tell.  That’s what the producers told Tom Cavanagh when he asked if they were perhaps moving a little too fast.  2,152 more words

TV Reviews

No Matter Weather You Like It

So… It is cold in Alaska. And snowing in the northeast. At least this is what they are saying on the Book of Face. I wouldn’t know because I don’t watch the weather. 34 more words


Strolling Through Winter's Minute of Relief

When God smiles in January
on the Great Plains, the sun warms
and the earth undresses.
The winter ball gown of snow
is discarded and reveals… 120 more words


Haiku: Show (HH Prompt)

Haiku 1:
show me yours and i’ll
show you mine she said grinning.
We’re still comparing.

Haiku 2
the secret she said
is to show and never tell. 32 more words