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The Dark Knight

Quietly, assuredly, Christian Bale gives a fascinating portrait to Bruce Wayne’s moral and spiritual crisis in The Dark Knight. Last time around, fatherly confidante Alfred (Michael Caine) warned Bruce he was “getting lost in this monster”; Bale seems to have run with this line. 665 more words


How Will Suicide Affect My Life Insurance Policy?

How Life Insurance Policies Deal with Suicide

Aug. 15, 2014   John Dorfman, Time.com

In the aftermath of a suicide, family members may have financial matters to deal with — namely life insurance — in addition to their grief. 528 more words


Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger, Keith Wood of the Rolling Stones: mega creative talents but no eternal seeds of greatness

A lot of folks have an idea in the mind that they’re nothing, or next to nothing, and that they’ll never do anything great or significant. 369 more words

Guest Column: Robin Williams’s death is shining a light on mental illness

Robert T. Foster

For The Edmonton Journal

Robin Williams is my hero. He brought laughter and happiness to so many people, and we loved him. In a strange twist, through his death Williams has become an advocate for mental health disorders. 1,209 more words


The ImDb Top 250 Review - #4 The Dark Knight

If you’re good at something, never do it for free

- The Joker -

***minor SPOILERS***

What is this film?

The second instalment of the “darker” Batman trilogy by Christopher Nolan (the guy who likes mind twisting you with Memento and Inception).

1,299 more words
ImDb Top 250

Exposure Or Payment

I am eight months into this writing malarkey now and things are progressing steadily. With regular columns in the leading UK tattoo magazine, submissions to numerous other sites, and features on… 840 more words

Paddy Vipond