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“There’s a notion I’d like to see buried: the ordinary person. Ridiculous. There is no ordinary person.” –Alan Moore, Watchmen

Week 3&4 Project for 2D Design


Interstellar: Will it be the next Inception? Or Dark Knight Rises?

There is no doubt that Christopher Nolan is capable of great movies. Both Memento and Inception were fantastic films, original and highly entertaining. Insomnia and The Prestige were also pretty good, if not quite on the level of the other two. 431 more words


World Premiere of "The Hours"

World Premiere of “The Hours”

Mann’s National Theater
Story and Photos are © Lee Roth / Roth Stock Digital Media… 300 more words


10 things I learned from "10 things I hate about you"

Back in 1999 when we fell in love with Kat and Patrick, we knew this was going to be one of those immortal RomComs that you never get tired of watching. 500 more words


C is for Candy

“The future was a thing that gleamed. The present was so very, very good…” 510 more words

Inside LA's studios for free... Did I mention I love Couchsurfing?

If you have doubts on why Couchsurfing is the best thing ever, read about my first Los Angeles experience: sneaking into the Warner Brothers studios for free thanks to my host. 414 more words


Quick Movie Review: 10 Things I Hate About You

Taking pages out of John Hughes’ playbook, 10 Things I Hate About You falls just short of cliche as we forget that much of what made Hughes’ work so clever was that it invented its own cliches–as this film does. 190 more words