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5 Cartoons From The 80s You TOTALLY Forget About

Despite being a child of the 90s, I was grew up on great 80s cartoons thanks to my two old brothers and television reruns. Cartoons of the 80s/early 90s was an era of great storytelling and serious lessons/themes being taught in each episode. 38 more words


Book Quote for the Week - And an Idea


For today’s Book Quote I am posting one of Wuthering Heights – That dark, broody and intense novel that is such an excruciatingly sad read. 45 more words


Presenting: Heathcliff! (Kev's Fictional Character Interviews)

Kev’s Fictional Character Interviews Presents:


Oops Wrong one!


 (That’s better!)

Place: Wuthering Heights: Near a cliff over by the heath on the North Yorkshire Moors… 699 more words

Character Interviews

Wuthering Heights Review (or 'how I discovered Heathcliff is a massive twat')

During my wanderings around the interweb I’ve noticed that when a writer’s inspiration is flailing, or a writer’s work has temporarily contracted the sickness of mediocrity, a lot of writers will turn to the one thing which has provided creative comfort in the past: 1,916 more words

Book Rants

Girl, What?

Heathcliff is very confused. Why is she lecturing him on being nice to bees? Isn’t grandma just supposed to excuse his deplorable behavior by explaining that “HE REALLY LIKES BEES!” or some such nonsense? 8 more words

Newest Additions To The Helmet Canon.

Sorry to everyone who has been waiting for a new Heathcliff, For Why? post. You see, I’ve been very busy being lazy. I’d tweet about the new comics or post on Facebook but I’ve been neglecting the 8 people who read this. 107 more words

Next of Kiln, Part II

Well, the saga continues.

In what will likely go down as my greatest CraigsLetter ever, the dialogue with one Mark Tumelo continues, up to the very moment of this post. 1,720 more words