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Four Reasons Why Wuthering Heights is NOT a Great Book

1.  The characters: I am aware that for each of the characters’ decisions, people have since found ways to rationalize and explain their behavior. However, some of Cathy, Heathcliff and co’s actions are not just unreasonable, but arguably delirious. 649 more words

Jane Austin- Morris: No nonsense 19th Century Relationship Counsellor

Dear Jane

Please help me I beg of you for I find myself in the most parlous of states. I fear that my very sanity will be at stake if you cannot bring me succour in this most distressing of matters. 463 more words


BIG SHOT: Wuthering Heights

Whenever a new adaptation of some Nineteenth Century Brit-Lit classic rears it’s head, eyes roll at the unnecessity of it all. The unstoppable Austen machine is particularly apoplexic, since the source material is so bougie and boring, but the Bronte camp is enraging for the opposite reason. 930 more words

Big Shot

Books and Cheese

If people would ask me what my metaphor for books are, I would tell them that books are like wine. Books have an unconventional characteristic where they seem to get better through time. 1,014 more words


Gypsy Soul

Who knows where you came from Why you were orphaned

Why you loved with such hatred
No matter the cost

Yes, mankind was cruel… 133 more words