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Polytheism and the Anti-Modern | Gods and Radicals

While reconstructionists of European traditions can rely upon textual survivals and those of the African Diasporic Religions have more significant bodies of oral traditions (and oftentimes continuously-practiced iterations of Animist spiritualities in Africa), and many traditions accept some degree of personal revelation (often dubbed “Unverified Personal Gnosis”) which often succeeds in later becoming verified through practice or eventual discovery.

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Updates/Notes on the Traffic Light/Racism Post

After reading some community feedback on my previous post, both here and on Wild Hunt, I’ve made some changes to the post and here are some further comments and explanations. 637 more words

Pagan Communities

Ryan Smith: Ending Silence to End the Bigotry | The Wild Hunt

“The refusal to discuss is fed by many hands, which all flourish on a combination of growing up in American society and all that goes with it; the desire to not rock the boat; the perception that a lack of visible tension is the same thing as peace; the continued failure on the part of institutional American Heathenry to confront the problem in a decisive fashion; and the cold hard fact that, at the core of the racism, bigotry, misogyny and homophobia, is an organized, cohesive movement, which thrives off these cancers.”

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Kids' Activities for the Autumn Equinox


Look for these illustrated books at your local library to teach your children about the Autumn Equinox and some general traditions associated with it in various cultures: 205 more words


“Seiðr as shamanistic practice: reconstituting a tradition of ambiguity”; Jenny Blain | Freya: The Gold Thread

The Saga of Eirik the Red describes a seeress, who sat in a specially prepared High Seat to foretell events for a Greenland community of 1000 years ago.

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