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Moving into the Abode

Howdy folks and friends!

Yeah, I know, yet another blog from yours truly – Though there are some major differences in this situation compared to how you found me before. 648 more words


Yule Advent Calendar- Ideas

In trying to put together a Yule Advent Calendar (and mentally block out all the commercial BS!) , I’m looking around at other folks’ practices. Beth like me, enjoys adapting medieval holidays to her own purposes. 265 more words


My latest Polytheist.com column is up

My newest column at polytheist.com is now available here.  In this installment, I talk about the need, as part of our restoration, for resacralizing the world.


Guest Post: Remembering Skadhi in Texas, by Jessica Glasebrook

Hail readers,
Today, we have a real treat, a guest post, courtesy of my sister, Jessica Glasebrook. Jessica is a brilliant woman, and it is a true privilege to have her write a post for the Barbarian Bard. 853 more words

Michael A. Espinoza

I hate that I have to make this post.

Let me start off by saying that in the years that I’ve identified as Vanatru and dealt with the Vanatru community, we are for the most part cool people and on the whole we have far fewer incidences of racism, homophobia, and other types of douchebaggery than in most other branches of heathenry. 531 more words


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It always tears and rips at my heartstrings when I see, hear, or read about racism cropping up within either Norse or Celtic religion(s). While I’m all for pride and love in your ancestors and the cultural and religious inheritance that springs forth from it, that doesn’t mean that we need nor want such hate inspiring views and beliefs in our religions. As far as I’m concerned, all racist and bigoted folks that do their best to hijack and twist our beautiful folkways can be shown to the door and have every bone broken as the door crashes in their face on the way out. In that same spirit, any person who is found on my blog sharing such sentiments will have my hospitality completely and eternally revoked from them.

X-rated Religion: Sexual Ecstasy, Mystery & Social Boundaries

Replying to yet another great article by Shauna Aura Knight about sexual ethics in Pagan communities: Sexual Initiation, Consent & Rape

Speaking as an ex-cult member myself- I am going to say that… 446 more words


My Current Relationship with the Æsir

In one of my recent posts, I made mention of the fact that the lore of Ásatrú feels a bit awkward to me. I am not ashamed of that, in fact I am relieved with the idea that I could admit something like that publicly; after all I have been through along my quest for spiritual fulfillment. 289 more words