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The 2nd Night of Yule

The second night of Yule is the Night of the Wild Hunt. It is best to stay indoors on this night to avoid the Wild Host, lest one be swept up by it! 92 more words


Intercultural issues

It’s been almost two weeks since I published a post on orthopraxic identity and already my own ritual practices are undergoing several changes. The reason is that after that post came out, people at the Roman Revivalist group on Facebook started discussing orthopraxy, whether it’s needed or not and what should be the basics. 942 more words

Religio Romana

The 1st Night of Yule

The first night of Yule, Mothers Night (Modranecht), is one of my most cherished rites of the year. It is not only a time that I honor my patron goddess Frigga, but also the ancestral mothers and female guardians of my family, my Dísir. 237 more words


X- Gebo- Gift Economy

I’m taking a little creative license here- X is the shape of the rune Gebo, which means gift, and I thought with the upcoming gift-giving season it would be a good one to talk about. 182 more words

Pagan Blog Project

Thor's Day and a little bit of Smaug!

So there has been a presence following me all day today.

I know it’s not Thor. It’s Thursday so he is openly hanging about, even while I’m at work. 236 more words


Family - Part 2

This may come as a shocker, because I’m a feminist that I dream of having a family of my own.

As I stated in the previous post, family is incredibly important to me. 388 more words