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Icon of Loki - very much in progress

I’m working on a small 8×10 icon of Loki and tonight I finally outlined the image on it. This will be a project that takes awhile–it’s going to require several layers and I’m working rather slowly. 74 more words


IDGAF Monthly Ritual

I have been thinking this month about what Paganism means to me as an Autistic and otherwise Neurodivergent person. To me, Paganism is very important to who I am and how I go about and perceive this world, not only in an epistemological sense(ie, Heathenry and the worldview that comes with that, which is a whole other post), but in a sensory way and an interpersonal and intrapersonal way. 964 more words


Approaching the Runes

For the last week of each month, the Pagan Experience prompt follows the format of Pagan Blog Project, writing an entry for each letter of the alphabet. 443 more words


My School; Shrine to a Forgotten Kami

I work at two schools here in Kochi. One school is tiny. Less than 150 students now (we’ve had a few drop outs this past school year). 686 more words


On Mysticism, the Numinous, the Sacred, MUS, UPG and Heathenry

Recently as I was hanging out washing I was thinking randomly about various things, including the T.E.E.H. Facebook page, when a raven flew overhead. This was ‘significant’ though in what way I am not truly sure. 745 more words

Sisyphean Schooling

The Greek king, Sisyphus, is renowned for his hubristic belief that he knew more than Zeus who then punished him to roll a bolder up a hill. 492 more words

On Blóts, Sumbels, and Oaths

I am Ásatrúar.  It’s not something I parade about, throwing into the conversation where it doesn’t belong, but like most quietly faithful folks, it’s becoming an even more important part of my experience in this world.   1,065 more words