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Wiccecraeft and Galdorcraeft – Anglo-Saxon Witchcraft, Divination, Magic and Spirit Possession

The Angles, Saxons and Jutes settled in what is now known as England in the 5th century CE. They originated from lands that developed into northern Germany and southern Denmark, and spoke languages that are classified as Germanic. 1,061 more words


Loki's Sea Shanty

I fare very poorly under fluorescent lighting

It was a Navy corpsman told me so

But my long nails are good for dirty fighting

To foreign ports in tattered shorts I go 126 more words


The Shape of Things

There stands an ash called Yggdrasil,
A mighty tree showered in white hail.
From there come the dews that fall in the valleys.
It stands evergreen above Urd’s Well.

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Wanting To Give Back

Why does my religion matter so much to me? Why do I love to talk about it to anyone who asks? Why do I feel this urge to build things here in our little Heathen corner? 336 more words

Reblog: Because it's worth mentioning.

People seem to think you have to fulfill particular requirements to Be A REAL Norse Polytheist (TM). That you have to have all these bells and whistles and amazing gifts and be anointed with blood by Odin under the Yuletide moon or something. 457 more words

Hey guess what

In addition to contributing to Staff of Asclepius at Patheos, I now also have a blog on PaganSquare entitled Roads to Vanaheim.  My first post, Why Vanatru? is up.