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UPG and "woo"

I am not a reconstructionist. I am a devotional polytheist. There has been a lot of UGP and “woo” in my practise.

UPG means “unverified personal gnosis” where “gnosis” means “knowlege”. 374 more words

Heathenry Is Small, and That's a Good Thing

There’s a huge Jehovah’s Witnesses conference in town at the moment, and the masses of people wearing “God’s Kingdom” badges got me thinking: would I really prefer it if my religion were so large and organised? 708 more words

At the Heathen Altar (poem)

With the flickering candlelight
And the smoke heady in my nostrils
I kneel down to pray.
Before me, the iron hammer
Planed wood
Golden light… 23 more words


On the Nature of Sacrifice

I’ve been thinking a lot about sacrifice lately. Yule is approaching and that is a time where I often give appropriate sacrifices to Odin and with Winternights coming up too, it’s time to start thinking about what the late autumn will entail, and to start making the necessary preparations should animal sacrifice be part of that. 2,121 more words


Reblog: A note on lore

“I’m always puzzled by the dogged insistence on looking at lore, especially the Eddas as religious documents. They are not, not even the Poetic Edda. They may contain information that can inspire and benefit us as religionists, but they were not written down with any sense of the sacred in mind (nor were they inspired texts). 185 more words

Gender Equality: Why Heathens Can Do Better

Listen to/Watch this awesome speech by Emma Watson to the United Nations about the launch of a new campaign: He For She. Please signal boost the speech, rather than the nasty responses to it! 1,082 more words


My Newest Polytheist.com column is up

My newest column is live today at polytheist.com: Wyrd Ways: Building a Better Heathenry. This month’s column is titled “Awe, Reverence, and Restoration.” You can read it… 233 more words