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shoveling snow

hard at work, unlike those other slackers


Another Lovely Sunday At The Stables

The weather was mild if a bit windy Heather schooled Skye for a bit and then Heather and I both rode her, Heather was made up to trot for the first time, shame I didn’t get chance to film it

Every Day Stuff

Maybe I Love You

You make my heart ache worse than absinthe could ever do. The feeling of it tells me that I’m never getting over you. You’re my immediate turn when things are less than perfect, but I have a sinking feeling that I’m not yours. 411 more words


December Almanack: Toolsheds and Erica

The¬†Gardener’s Perpetual Almanack (Martin Hoyles) is a Book of Days. Each day has a plant and a saying attached.

The tool shed is the potterer’s paradise. 87 more words

Random And Interesting Items

Taekwondo Christmas

We did this at the ward Christmas party.

Our naughty littlest elf decided to turn the lights off a little early while the other elf and his daddy were still doing their sword form. 26 more words


The Distance

It’s 1:37am and I can’t stop trembling. The thought of you not being near is killing me. The idea that I can’t even tell you how I feel is even worse. 332 more words


Heather Burnside Returns to Sports

DES MOINES, Iowa — KXNO Radio announced veteran radio personality Heather Burnside will join Ken Miller afternoons on 1460. ¬†The Miller & Heather Show (or whatever name is chosen) debuts January 5 at 4 p.m., right after the immensely popular Murph & Andy Show (OK, that was shameless.) 178 more words