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This is a little inspiration poem I wrote in May 2009.  Will is always telling me how my name is good for sighing and other mushy stuff like that.  70 more words

Monday 26.01.15

After a nice early night we where woken by Cameron at 4am he had a nose bleed and it was every where, thankfully we managed to get back to sleep, Heather and I went to the farm and turned out the horses came home had coffee and then got ready for work, had a very busy day and I don’t know where the day has gone, came home to a nice dinner except for Cameron having anoth nose bleed while we where sat arond the table talking, then spent the rest of the evening in front of the TV and then got a early night

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A Lovely Afternoon At The Stables

I think Lynne might have lost her other horse, Heather loved riding Jack and even had him trotting around the farm

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Saturday 24.01.15

We where up and about early this morning and went to the farm just after 9 am Heather had her first group horse riding lesson this morning and even did her first canter,I rode Jack in the school school but I was really not in the mood for it and he was much happier being ridden around the farm, we got home early afternoon I was going to go to the pub for a couple of pints but as soon as Ruby saw me putting my boots she wanted to go out for a walk and the look she was giving me how could I resist, we had a nice walk, took her home and then went to the… 42 more words

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A Nice Day At The Stables

We where up and about early this morning and out of the house just after 9 am, Today was Heather’s first group lesson on Skye and she loved it and so did all the other kids and horses

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The Waiter

There we were at the table for four,
My wife and two kids
Who could ask for more?

Except life wasn’t all,
That you would think… 133 more words