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Mind The Diamond Vault — Crowbars & Lock-Picks Beat High-Tech Security

In the theft of hundreds of millions of dollars of diamonds, gold, cash and other valuables from the highly secure basement vault of the Antwerp Diamond Centre in 2003, a criminal posed as a tenant of the Diamond Centre for two years to perform reconnaissance and defeated a series of keyed locks by using custom-made lock-picking tools and a crowbar. 417 more words

Industry Live

Adventures In Rome... Post 5: What They Didn't Tell Us

Heathrow Airport: It was a dark and stormy morning…

There is a movie called “The 13th Warrior” based on a Michael Creighton novel: “Eaters Of The Dead.” This movie portrays a brutal band of Vikings encounter with something unnaturally sinister. 703 more words


Toda Raba Israel - July 24, 2014

Departing departs from departing.

And in the nights it is written:

despair which despaired of us

became hope.

- The Heart Is a Corrupt Director…

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Preparing for India

The journey has begun, finally managed to check my bag before it broke my back and cleared security without any issues and I’m all set for my flight with heat magazine and a packet of wine gums! 185 more words

Fight to save Grow Heathrow

Transition Heathrow, which in 2010 set up the Grow Heathrow community garden on the site of a proposed third runway for the major airport, has been served an eviction notice for Friday, 15th August at 8.00am. 287 more words

Escalator Failure

I still remember it as if it were yesterday: the sinister metal moving slowly, the crowds of people gathered around, the tears and cries of fear, everything that accompanied my sister’s face-off with the escalator. 779 more words

Staying classy from Toronto, to Ottawa, to London, all the way to Edinburgh Part 2

My departing flight from Ottawa to London was at 10:30, and I had arrived in Ottawa at 6:30. This meant a long layover, and lots of drinks. 667 more words