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He Initiated A Relationship With Me

Yesterday night, I was given an awesome and humbling privileged by God to exhort young people in our college service. When God made me realized that message I’ve shared, there was such a desire in my heart to share it and put it in a blog but I’ve decided not to for a mean time for two reasons: (1) I’ve decided to own and experience the message first in my life and (2) other people already know that. 651 more words


a frosty day

Dear friends, we had to scrape the car again this morning. This isn’t unusual but it’s not typical; we live on the coast, in northern Europe, it’s mid January, it’s winter.   327 more words


We could all produce boring mundane work and people might still read it. But to be fun writing must be creative. There should be a playfulness about it. 267 more words

Thought Provoking Insight

Spiritual Lessons from a One-year-old

Spiritual Lessons from a One-year-old

This week I’ve had the blessing and privilege of helping care for my grandson, Benji. To say that I’ve been much more tired this week is quite an understatement. 669 more words


The Lord's Prayer: A Practical Guide (Part 1)


Praying Through the Bible #124

TEXT: Matthew 6:9-13

We just wrapped up a mini-series titled 10 Prayer Principles of the Lord Jesus Christ. Those 10 principles which have led us and prepared us for the beginning of this mini-series are as follows: 1,096 more words


Hit Again

Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten up this morning. Then again, the assault started before my feet even hit the floor. I was checking my FaceBook and I noticed that a girl who had been on summer mission with Arlynne had posted about a younger camper she had met. 1,808 more words

Grieving Mom

“The very moment you begin to seek your Heavenly Father, in that moment, the hope of His light will begin to awaken, enliven, and ennoble your soul.

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