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I've been waiting so long that I forgot I was even waiting.

Tonight I was laying in bed thinking about all the things God could do in my life or teach me in the future as I grow up. 543 more words


"Remember Dad’s Challenge...Put Other People First and Lose Yourself In Service"

12-29-10 Letter from Mom

Dear Son,
It’s been a whole month since I have written. Of course, the visit that we had in December was so much better than a letter. 1,613 more words

Joy In The Journey

By Betsy in Nashville, TN

Above our bed we have a framed saying “Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, and Hope for Tomorrow” I have been thinking a lot lately about the “Hope for Tomorrow” part. 523 more words


Born For This!

In life we can find that we are hungry, but not for food. We do everything we need to do to get things done, and yet we are still hungry for something more than just existence. 295 more words


God is bigger than the boogie man

So I am completely aware I am giving Philadelphia Eagles fans (and all our other opponents for that matter) an open door for Eli Manning bashing with this, but I can’t help it, it is simply too precious not to mention.  756 more words

Out of the Mouths of Babes

On the evening of September 9 the sweet, bright girlfriend of my oldest grandson Trevor, was driving home from school when a drunk driver ran a red light going eighty five miles and hour and T-boned her car.   289 more words

Child of the world - Have you prayed to day? Part 3 of 3

As children of God we have the privilege of prayer when we acknowledge in humility that He is God, that we need His help and He knows better than us. 217 more words