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A Different Kind of Traffic Jam...

I was driving on my scooter to get some lunch today and felt prompted to take some video. A few seconds later I was held up in a brief traffic jam. 213 more words

What Hurts God

What Hurts God

Earlier this week my daughter-in-law sent me a photo of our six-month-old grandson who had just received a vaccination at the doctor’s office. 745 more words


He Knows More Than Your Name...

Ever since I was a very young man, I have been impressed with the idea that when God came to visit Joseph Smith in 1820, He didn’t call him “Case #5663243″ or “Hey You” or some other less personable name. 362 more words


Guardian Angels on our Shoulders

I’ve been struggling with finalizing my draft of the next post in the anxiety series and found life throwing us a curve ball again.  My husband’s best friend was in an accident around 1 AM this morning. 256 more words

The Price of Atonement

A look at the role of the Father in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the sins of mankind. This poem considers the story of Abraham and Isaac as a type (prophetic metaphor) of this central event in human history.


It Happened On the Way from Bangkok to Malaysia

I sat in an ancient teak paneled passenger car on a train from Bangkok down the Malaysian peninsula to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. My visa was about to expire and I had been called into the mission office in Bangkok to take a train to Malaysia to have it renewed. 997 more words


Worth A Listen: Isaiah Rashad - Heavenly Father

by @TonyDelerme

TDE’s Isaiah Rashad opens up and gets personal in his track “Heavenly Father”.