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An Entirely Blessed Life

I have been up WAY past my bedtime (sorry mom) re-reading most of the posts on this blog, and I am compelled to share a few thoughts. 375 more words


Sunday Evening Coffee Musings: Plan B

I’m sitting here with my ever present cup of coffee, musing about the past week.  For a week that should have been totally awesome, and it was pretty marvelous, it also was book-ended with hurt. 965 more words


Our Heavenly Father Loves Us and Wants Us to Be Happy

The Relief Society declaration begins with “We are beloved spirit daughters of God”. The declaration includes the words: strength, nobility, joy, delight, love and rejoice. 192 more words

Relief Society President's Choice

August 30 @ Psalms 102-104

Psalms 102-104 (NLT link) 

Discover His heart: He fills our lives with love, mercy and good things

Can we really believe anything we read in the newspaper and on our computer news feeds or see on television news?   598 more words

Daily Devotions

God's Perfect Way

Our Heavenly Father knows we will by nature want to seek our own paths and desires. Any law or authority that opposes our personal preferences will cause in us a sense of frustration, at best or lawlessness, at worst. 61 more words

Ebola: Proof There is No God?

A friend of mine recently posted a story from the web reporting two things: First, that Dr. Kent Brantley, a physician who recovered after being infected with the Ebola virus, gave God the credit for his recovery, and that, secondly, people shouldn’t believe in a God that saves one person from Ebola but allows 1200 other people to die from Ebola (because, as the story states, what kind of God would do that?). 675 more words