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No more falling through the floor!

I was getting pretty good at jumping through our first floor in a hopscotch like manner to avoid all the holes.

It was a great exercise for my quads. 181 more words


3 Things You're Doing Right Now That Are Sabotaging Your Body Composition

I regularly field questions from people looking for a magic secret on how to get fit, look more “toned” or lose the last 10 pounds. These people are often “doing everything right”. 1,516 more words


There are bicycles in my kitchen!

My husband and I are really onto something…

Instead of just using your bikes on the roads and trails, you can also use them as stools at your kitchen table! 190 more words


You've got to be kidding me!!

With move-in day approaching, Courtney’s “Bucket of Boom” (that made an appearance during our demolition phase) became my cleaning bucket.

Yuck. The dirt and dust in certain parts of our house was pretty thick. 158 more words


something new

I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to jump way out of the slummy gunk of laziness and into the world of jobs and neat stuff like responsibilities.   278 more words

Random Thoughts

Those last little (and annoying) things

Folks, we are nearing the end…SOUND the trumpets!!!

Let me clarify…we are almost finished with the upstairs. (We still have to do the entire downstairs, kitchen and backyard patio. 210 more words


Trapped in a tube with breakfast radio and a jackhammer

There’s nothing like being in pain to make you appreciate feeling normal. Finally, after an injury and six weeks of pain, I am better. The whole experience has been a lesson in taking better care of myself. 823 more words