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We Must Carry On

Our DIY home improvements slowed this week because work has been really busy and then I got sick. Yuck.

Before the HeBeGeeBees, I left Mark like this… 125 more words


No pain no gain?


No pain no gain. Well there is a statement and half! How many times have we heard that one? Many, let’s leave it there. … 465 more words


5 Do’s And Don’ts To Reduce Your Risk Of Pain And Injury

1. Never, Ever Do Stupid Stuff Like This!

We’ve all seen it at weddings, but if you’re carrying someone on your shoulders, make sure he weighs less than you do.  319 more words

At Work

My grandmother told me I needed another MAN

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you know that my husband is a MASTER home renovator…except when it comes to door frames.

The first time Mark built a door frame for our bedroom, he ended up throwing things and cursing the sky and I had to get out of there because it was ridiculous. 154 more words


This is how cave people lived.

We couldn’t leave our house for several days because we didn’t have a front door. Seriously. One of us had to be at home at all times. 166 more words


I'm on TV...but not this kind of TV.

When you watch a lot of TV and you’re on TV, the placement of the television is very important.

We have to decide this now before Mark closes up the wall. 212 more words



There’s a reason why contractors and roofers and electricians have trucks. You can fit A LOT of stuff in a truck. Not so much with a Volvo… 122 more words