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Please take off your shoes!

We are a socks-only household right now. At least, we are in our upstairs.

Even with the unfortunate dying of his air compressor, Mark finished putting in the wood floor. 118 more words


No more "watch your step!"

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come. It is time to put in the floor.

The purple stuff is called the underlayment. We put that down to eliminate moisture and dampen the sound of me walking around in my heels. 141 more words


Intensity in Lifting

Today I was lifting all the things in order to find the weight that would challenge me the most in my incline bench db chest press and incline db flys. 860 more words


Orange is the new black

“Orange is the New Black” is the coolest, hottest show on Netflix…and we have the coolest, hottest wall in the ‘Burgh.

That is 100% our opinion. 193 more words


Keeping It Fresh

Hands up all those that  find themselves doing the same routine in the gym day in day out, week in week out? Whether it’s the same spin classes every week,treadmill sessions or even swimming, we sometimes find ourselves getting into a rut when it comes to exercise. 280 more words

Lift Heavy

Scraping my way to satisfaction!

A few blog posts ago, I told you how I HATE painting. Well, it turns out, I LOVE using paint stripper.

This can of heavy duty acid that burned off little flecks of my skin is (surprisingly) bringing me a lot of satisfaction! 186 more words


I love this video of Jes Liao.  Clean and Jerk 71kg at 48kg bodyweight.

She is so cute and strong.  Good combo.

*               *               * 825 more words