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Love doesn't make a home...walls do.

You learn something every day. This weekend, I learned that walls have an incredible way of making you feel like you live in a house instead of a construction site. 145 more words


We passed inspection!!!

Hallejuah, praise the Lord! Mark and I have been waiting for this day!

The city inspector came and signed off on all the electrical work. That means we can start putting drywall EVERYWHERE. 151 more words


The female Russell Crowe

My husband and I have a problem. Every time we rent a dumpster, instead of just throwing away all the construction garbage we have…we start blowing out walls. 161 more words


Worst weekend ever

The only thing I worked on this weekend was trying not to lose my cookies and keep my head from exploding.

On Friday, I woke up with a stomach ache that I thought might be food poisoning. 134 more words


Body Shots!

This morning I took some body shots (not liquor) because I needed a little encouragement. Although weighing in the other day got me a little hyped, not seeing the scale move as quickly as I would like is a little discouraging. 104 more words


If you thought the Bobcat was bad wait till you hear about this…

George asked me to help him carry something heavy to his pick up truck. 533 more words

Then and now...

I thought we’d do a “before and after” now that we’re at the midway point. It’s cool to see the progress and, honestly, it gives my husband and me the little boost we need to keep going! 126 more words