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Heavy Metal Thunder

Okay, so this punk-ass tries to cave in your skull – crack – but you’re, like, too badass to die, so you break out a shotgun and point it right between the poor mofo’s eyes, and you’re like, “Yeah, bitch, you think it’s that easy to – “ 788 more words

Cubus Games

Heavy Metal Thunder now available for iPhone and iPad!


 The long-awaited day is finally here. If you’re a fan of gamebooks or RPGs or video games and you’re looking for a new kind of game that’ll take you to the edge and back again, then it’s time to ascend balls-first into the most intense gamebook experience ever developed by the human species. 77 more words

New Release: Heavy Metal Thunder

Cubus Games (creator of The Sinister Fairground) has just released their new interactive fiction piece, Heavy Metal Thunder. As described by the creators, “Heavy Metal Thunder places its readers at the core of an interstellar struggle against alien invaders, requiring immensely difficult and exciting choices to be made as the narrative grows, expands and twists.”  38 more words