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Sunday December 21st

All Sue’s work is hand-made from porcelain slabs and decorated using a variety of techniques including inlay, sgraffito, incising, metal lustre painting and printing.  She spends hours in her workshop here in Hebden Bridge, forgetting the outside world, immersed in transforming a malleable lump of clay into a range of contemporary tableware. 58 more words

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Wednesday December 17th

Clare is a Yorkshire based artist and printmaker whose work is inspired by her travels to some of the world’s greatest cities, some of which she returns to again and again drawing on new ideas each time.  112 more words

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Tuesday December 16th

Kate Hamilton-Hunter Studio produces beautiful, delicate hand-made jewellery, fashioned from all kinds of modern and vintage tins including biscuit, toffee, tea and cake tins. 

These tins are  upcycled into dainty jewellery, finished to a high standard by a team of talented jewellery makers with sterling silver and genuine Swarovski crystals. 43 more words

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Monday December 15th

Most of you have probably got super organised by now and posted all your cards out to friends and family. For those who haven’t, if you tend to be a bit of a lastminute.com kind of person (I can relate to this sometimes!), then we do have a small selection of Christmas/Festive cards to choose from still. 41 more words

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Sunday December 14th

Sally Weatherill studied art history and printed and woven textiles in the US before moving to the UK where she set up a studio in a picturesque village on the Suffolk/Essex border. 65 more words

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Saturday December 13th

Adele is a highly skilled maker of mixed metal and precious jewellery and small scale useful objects.

As an obsessive hoarder Adele picks up interesting objects, usually because of their texture, from rusting washers, to bits of broken car indicator plastic (her pockets are always full of rubbish). 69 more words

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Friday December 12th

Combining her passion for plants and all things quirky, Isobel designs and creates stunning bespoke terrariums; re-kindling this popular Victorian trend but with a modern twist from her local studio. 153 more words

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