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Hebe photoshoot

Yesterday, we shooted the new look book pictures for Hebe! Hebe is one of my school friends company which sells overalls which you can customize with prints, check out the website… 41 more words


The Next Generation

This year I have taken some cuttings, these are  Hebe cuttings – to increase our shrubbery, which will hopefully increase our Wren and Dunnock population!


Random Post - Hebe Organic Kids Fashion (via Smudgetikka)

Hebe is apparently a Latvian kids’ fashion house, and their “organic” title seems to extend to not even having a presence online. In fact their advertising images are rather home-grown looking as well, with sweet but not particularly attractive models and rather amateur-ish posing. 57 more words

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Deepening the Connection

I’ve taken to connecting more intimately with my Goddesses through my pregnancy. I’m about six weeks along and with a planned pregnancy, I feel significantly less stressed. 233 more words

The Humble Hebe

I am currently reading a rather fascinating book at the moment, Bill Law’s ‘Fifty Plants that changed the course of History.’ I’m sure it will inspire another post in its own right soon, but here, I want to mention a plant that seems almost entirely ignored, and as far as I’m aware, has had no effect on history whatsoever. 575 more words

Known and recorded origin

The hebe karo: Golden Esk are planted at the base of the bund on both the North (street) and South (lawn) sides. On the South, the aim is to provide some year-round shape and colour underneath the deciduous Ornamental Pear and the Hydrangea Limelights and Bloody Marvellous. 77 more words


The Legend of Hercules

This is what you get when you spend $70 million on lipstick for pigs

Featuring Kellan Lutz as Hercules/Alcides Gaia Weiss as Hebe Scott Adkins… 415 more words
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