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Yom 103

This week ‘s Hebrew Word is:


which means ENCOURAGE (which in the Hebrew includes strengthening and comforting) IN fact, at the end of each book of the Torah, we shout CHAZAQ, CHAZAQ, venisCHAZeiQ!! 190 more words

Today's Hebrew Word!!

Yom 101

This week ‘s Hebrew Word is


which means (most closely) INSPIRATION

This past Shabbat was such an HASHRA’AH to my heart and soul. I was privileged to meet Ye’shi Reinhardt, founder of IsraEL Hands of Mercy, a Ruach-Filled light to all those suffering from terrorists attacks in the small city of S’derot, a hands throw away from the Gaza border. 130 more words

Today's Hebrew Word!!

Yom 98

This Week ‘s Hebrew Word is


which means AUTHORITY

This Shabbat the message about our misconceptions about SAMKHUT really spoke to my heart. Learning more and more about the reverence and honor we should be showing the KING when we enter into His presence  was compounded greatly by the realization that doctrine today has totally misconstrued the words of Yahushua HaMashiyach. 128 more words

Today's Hebrew Word!!

Yom 97

This weeks ‘s Hebrew word is


which means CONVICTION -or at least the idea of conviction, at least. It literally means “to argue with”, “to prove”, “to correct”. 100 more words

Today's Hebrew Word!!