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Yom 107

This week ’s Hebrew word is:


which means IMAGE.

The various words that are translated as “graven” TEMUNAH or idol may not be cluing us into the truth about just what kinds of images we are supposed to avoid out of love, honor, and reverence of Him. 152 more words

Today's Hebrew Word!!

Yom 106

This week ’s Hebrew word is


Which means DILIGENT

In the midst of my intense schedule, I need to remember to remain CHA’RUTZ in the small things; while maintaining dedication to the LAHAG (study; yom 84) of Criminal Justice and Scripture, the work with the different sets of YELEDEEM (children; yom 38) I am blessed to care for and teach, the fight against Human Trafficking, the search and application for internships and positions to lead me closer to the plan Yah has for me, and the more personal commitments I have made to myself and my family, I need to remain steadfast and CHA’RUTZ regarding the small details. 58 more words

Today's Hebrew Word!!

Yom 105

This week ‘s Hebrew word is


which means VOICE-specifically, for this purpose, the VOICE or SOUND of the SHOFAR

We are in the month of ELUL-which is a time for TESHUVAH (repentance; yom 76) and self introspection, to renew and recommit to the CHAIM (life; yom 78) Yah has for us, approaching the month of Tishri, which begins with Rosh Hashanah/Yom Teruah- the spiritual new year/the Feast of Trumpets. 187 more words

Today's Hebrew Word!!

The Just Shall Live by Faith

The second half of Habakkuk 2:4 (…the just shall live by his faith) is quoted three different times in the New Testament epistles: … 1,551 more words