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Yom 88

This week ‘s Hebrew word is


which means TRUTH!!

AS I continue in my LAHAG (study, deeply internalize; yom 84) of MUSAR (ethics; yom 87), I am more and more convinced of the absolute EMET of Yah; in fact, there can be no absolute EMET, morality, or MUSAR apart from Him, despite the world’s propaganda for relativism and subjectivity based on pleasure and personal experiences. 170 more words

Today's Hebrew Word!!

Yom 87

Today’s Hebrew Word is


which means ETHICS in later Hebrew, although the Scripturally references to ETHICS is closer to rebuke and the essential demands Yah places on us. 75 more words

Today's Hebrew Word!!

Yom 86

Today’s Hebrew word is 



 I HITPALEL (pray, yom 77) to Yah with such gratitude for the ARUKAH of my ailments through HIS Creation and their oils which have such ARUKAH properties, and for the ARUKAH of relationships, the most important relationships, in my life, and for the ARUKAH of precious little ones (ABBA, you know who they are), who need the ARUKAH touch of YHWH ROPHE; TODAH RABAH for Your soothing touch and comfort present in essential oils! HalleluYAH, AMEIN!

Today's Hebrew Word!!

Yom 85

Today’s Hebrew word is


which means MERCY- understood often as “grace” but literally MERCY.

The paper I just turned in lead me, appalled by the details of the story I chose, to the sentiments of Dietrich Bonhoeffer in  138 more words

Today's Hebrew Word!!

Yom 84

Today’s Hebrew Word is


which means STUDY, but more precisely INTENSE MENTAL APPLICATION

As I begin this week,  I HITPALEL (pray, yom 77) that I will begin to LAHAG the Scriptures, digging into the essence and meaning of every word, hiding it in my heart, and applying it to every area of my life. Amein!!

Today's Hebrew Word!!

Yom 83

Since I slacked day 1 and neglected to post this:

Today (Yesterday)’s Hebrew word is:



As I begin this week, I HITPALEL (pray, yom 77) that each and every yom (day, yom 1) I be given KO’ACH and HATMADAH (perseverance, yom 81) to stand for what is right, to be unwavering in my convictions, and to fight injustice and unrighteousness wherever I may encounter it. 14 more words

Today's Hebrew Word!!

Yom 82

I am so sorry I did not get this up yesterday- had more on my plate last week than I thought which flooded over into day 1 ;) 35 more words

Today's Hebrew Word!!