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A university in America is saving their students thousands by putting free resources online

Ever heard of the University of Maryland? Well, in a minute you’re going to wish you went there. After a group of students there decided that spending an average $1,200 on textbooks every year was RIDICULOUS, they started a social media campaign to show how high prices were affecting students. 243 more words

Opinion: Australia's higher education system is failing many young people

In my first semester of uni three years ago, a lecturer was berating several people in the class for failing to submit something on time. It wasn’t an assignment, just a bit of extra work that he had asked us to complete. 437 more words

Textbooks On HECS

Bad News

By Marcia Devlin

The Australian federal government has proposed a budget package that is bad news for higher education. It proposes to: reduce commonwealth funding of programs by a blanket twenty percent and allow universities to charge fees (which they will have to do to make up for the government contribution reduction). 501 more words

Global Perspectives

Other countries who are getting financial support for students right

Sure there’s support for students here in Australia. HECS allows us to defer paying for tuition, and students who qualify can get financial support. Clearly the government has realised that it’s difficult financial to be a student – they’re just getting a few things wrong, like the assumption that we all have parents able to buy our textbooks for us, and that we should all get jobs even if that takes away time from studying. 712 more words

Textbooks On HECS

University For All? No! Keep The Poor Out Where They Belong!

Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis costly to be wise!

For university entrance, are we about to copy Britain?

Source: The Guardian, August 28, 2014…

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