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Chapter 38---In Which Everything Gets Sorted Out

Chapter 38

She faints.

It’s surprisingly easy to shuttle her back to your place as it’s Sunday night now, but Hedera points out that Bea is the daughter of a CEO and her parents have most likely called the authorities by now. 414 more words

Chapter 37--In Which Some Actual Fighting Happens

Chapter 37

“Hedera? Hedera?!”

He’s unresponsive. His eyes are fixed on the pillar.


“You didn’t do a thing,” you snap.

The once silent landscape (at least, on a normal level of hearing) is now deafening (on an abnormal level of hearing) as grains of black sand shift behind you. 513 more words

Chapter 36--In Which You Should Pardon The Interruption

Chapter 36

“Excuse me,” you begin as politely as you can muster.

Before you can even begin your kind-hearted apologies–

( Pardon, but the organic lifeform you wish to contact is currently unavailable. 8 more words

Chapter 35--In Which Ambrose Fights With A Sentient Rock

Chapter 35

Bea now stands in front of you.

You grab her wrist and pull her into a hug.

“Are you okay?” you say into her hair. 454 more words

Chapter 34--In Which Hedera Was Wrong

Chapter 34

You wake up when your phone chimes.

BKRN: h elp p leas e i don’t know wh er e i am

BKRN: ambros e h elp i’m trapp ed… 292 more words

Chapter 33--In Which Ambrose Lets His Guard Down

Chapter 33

BKRN: since we’re on the subject of ‘chillin’ do you and Hedera want to go to the park tomorrow without glitzy?

– A. InvisibleImmortality is now idle.– 187 more words

Chapter 32-- In Which Teens Use Technology And The Author Tries Coding

Chapter 32

He slides your phone across the desk. A few moments later you open a chat with Ambrose.

– B. KittyReadsNabokov is online. — 286 more words