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Chapter 16 -- In Which The Author Pulls Some Deus Ex Machina Stunts And Dr. M Gives Us Some Gentlemanly Narration

Chapter 16

“Hello?” you say and you hear something snap in the background.

You sense something is wrong instantly and toss your cell phone aside. You knew that time passed differently within the vessel and you expected the boys to be gone for the whole weekend. 754 more words

Chapter 15 -- In Which The Author Doesn't Know What Triggers the Readers and Decides To Tag Everything Just In Case

Chapter 15

You didn’t have time to scream.

Ambrose’s eyes glazed over and you chased him until the ship got tired of your interference in its hunt and made a new wall to block you from your ally, your friend, your bother. 375 more words

Chapter 14 -- In Which Excrement Hits The Fan

Chapter 14

“Are you coming?”

You step onto the platform next to Hedera and before you can even blink you’re inside the space ship. That was easy. 318 more words

Chapter 13-- In Which We Learn That Hedera Helix Is Still Capable Even As A Squishy Human Meat Sack

Chapter 13


“Wha–.” You quickly turn off your flashlight. If you could actually smell, hear, and taste Hedera this morning, then there’s a good chance your vision improved as well. 364 more words

Chapter 12--In Which Missions Are Given And A Glimpse Of The Scribe's True Character Is Seen

Chapter 12

Dr. M nods. “You’re ready for this assignment.”

“Assignment?” you say. “I thought we weren’t allowed to take Hedera into space.”

“I didn’t say anything about space,” the old man says. 427 more words

Chapter 11-- In Which Ambrose Demonstates Mastery Of Abilities Characteristic To Scribes

Chapter 11

“I know lots of things, Miasmata 4th Class Dimensions, 2nd Tier Threat, Hedera Helix.”

Soon after that exchange, you and Hedera head upstairs and fall asleep on his pile. 565 more words

Hedera helix

Hedera helix

Common Name: English ivy

Family: Araliaceae

Habit: Vine or ground cover, Fast-growing, woody evergreen perennial

Native Range: Europe, Western Asia, and Northern Africa… 127 more words

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