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Common Ivy

One of the best plants in my country garden for wildlife is Ivy, Hedera helix.
That’s right. Plain old common green ivy.
It provides an evergreen shelter all year round for insects, birds and small mammals and food for them in autumn and winter. 183 more words

Low Maintenance

Under Cover

There’s something picturesque about ivy twining its way up a tree trunk, the contrast of glossy green pointed leaves against furrowed bark.

But in Portland English ivy, … 222 more words

Street Trees

Wild Ivy

I noticed this one flowering in a garden the other day. Fizz and I don’t really do gardens but we guessed that if it was flowering in the garden it would be doing so in the wild too and so yesterday we set out to capture some wild Ivy. 459 more words


Adventure 235 ~ Write A Collection Of Haiku Poems [8]

Summer is coming to an end : my son has just returned from spending his school holidays with his father, and the leaves are turning on the trees. 131 more words

Jane Talbot