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Chapter 5-- In Which The Author Remembers That She Mentioned Something About School In The First Chapter

Chapter 5


You don’t understand why people complain so much about being woken up by their parents; you’d probably be dead by now if Valdis didn’t wake you up every morning. 490 more words

Chapter 4--In Which Everyone's Emotional Problems Are Cleared Up (And So Is The Vomit)

Chapter 4

Naturally, when the door clicks open, Hedera turns and glares at whoever had the gall to interrupt him. Which would be you.

Honestly you don’t blame him. 437 more words

Chapter 3--In Which Hedera Rethinks All of His Life Choices and Learns a Disgusting Lesson About the Human Gastro-Intestinal System

Chapter 3

You watch Ambrose clean off his fork and toss it at the light switch.

You are instantly plunged into darkness and he shifts around in his bed to your left. 395 more words

Chapter 2: In Which Everything is Explained and the Basic Plot Is Laid Out

Chapter 2

“Oh, good.” He rolls over and you almost get over this horribly awkward situation completely when someone in the kitchen clears their throat. 754 more words

Chapter 1- In Which Ambrose Learns That One Should Never Walk Alone At Night

Chapter 1

The worst part about high school is all the students who swarm the public library the night before a big assignment is due and even worse is the fact that it’s always on the night when you just want to relax between the stacks of books. 692 more words

Common Ivy

One of the best plants in my country garden for wildlife is Ivy, Hedera helix.
That’s right. Plain old common green ivy.
It provides an evergreen shelter all year round for insects, birds and small mammals and food for them in autumn and winter. 183 more words

Low Maintenance