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On the Subject of Hedgehogs

If you have kids, one day one of them is going to ask for a hedgehog because that’s what kids on Tumblr do.

If you get this hedgehog, chances are another kid will ask for his or her own hedgehog. 293 more words


The Story of a British Hedgehog: Part Four (In which Harry goes to hospital)

One night, early in January, we arrived home to see Harry snuffling around the recycling bin outside our back door. It was lovely to see hime again, it was getting cold and we expected that he would be hibernating by now but had carried on putting food out for him in case he popped out of bed for a snack. 351 more words

Photography And Olympus Pen

Hedgehog of the Week

As I’m sure a lot of you are aware, I am obsessed with hedgehogs! I want one soooo badly, but we currently have a dog and a cat and my hubs and I agreed we’d always keep it to two. 112 more words


All bundled up.

How I hate winter, especially when it’s bitterly cold. I tend to take to my bed, as soon as I can, since we don’t have central heating in the cave I call home. 187 more words


Tarot #4, The Emperor. I'm being awfully creative with these titles.

For the record, I’m trying to keep the titles easily searchable in case someone wants that.  I’m also using a useful tag for once, instead of my usual whimsical disregard for searchability.   61 more words