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Hedgehogs - Leaf and Paper Collages - Autumn / Fall Preschool Craft

Hedgehogs always remind me of Autumn, and these collages are a lovely, simple preschool Fall activity to celebrate the season.

We have a hedgehog who regularly helps himself to our cat’s food at night before hibernating for the winter, so my kiddies were delighted to create their own paper version of “Hedgy”, our little prickly buddy! 359 more words

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wildlife days

Yesterday I was jumped on by a snake. I don’t think it meant to jump on me, it was scared and needed to get down off the sink and it’s steering while flying is not well developed. 148 more words

Living In Italy

A Garden Visitor

“The hedgehog hides beneath the rotten hedge

And makes a great round nest of grass and sedge,

Or in a bush or hollow of a tree….”  

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Trust & Chance: Eating My First Foraged Mushrooms

I wrote about a newfound love of mushrooms and foraging a while back in a blog post. My wife loved mushrooms and I hated them, the net result making me feel like I didn’t understand either. 1,288 more words

I'll just have a coffee first, then I'll start .....

Every day for the past three or four weeks, I have walked past the flower bed outside the back door and thought to myself “Really need to get that weeded and the flowers planted out” and then almost immediately followed that thought with “I’ll just have a coffee first.”

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Grow Your Own

'Death By Fruit'

A couple of days ago, my mum arrived home from work with a bag full of plums. She had been given them by someone who had just moved into a new house with a huge plum tree, and now had enough plums to solve the world hunger crisis. 256 more words


The Final Chapter. For Now

Day three and the threatened bad weather never arrived. What did arrive were the aches and pains again and the white van man who returned for the rest of the slabs.  494 more words