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Throwback Thursday

Hedgehog Thursday: sleepy quillsville

DECEMBER 21, 2006 by MEG

Tiny ears embedded in quills alert!
Tiny ears embedded in quills alert!
Tiny ears embedded in quills alert! 10 more words

Someone get me a knish, stat!

One of my friends occasionally daydreams about starting a deli food truck, and if he ever does that thing and I can get hot knishes whenever I want in Houston, I will be both even fatter and so, so happy.  60 more words

4 Hedgehogs

These 4 hedgies I made for 4 of my siblings on their birthdays this month. Pattern available here.


Still Too Damn Windy - A Year of Ireland Part Four

I’ve already covered Howth pretty well. Just in case, though, here’s a quick recap.

The first, most important thing you need to know about Howth is… 325 more words


Throwback Thursday

Hedgehog Thursday: A dainty centerpiece

DECEMBER 21, 2006. By MEG.

First, Hedges have the most anerable dainty paws. As if they could not get any daintier, this one is sporting some flower hat action. 22 more words

Boar and Sow

I am well aware that I have’n’t been posting here on my blog. Sorry, things had been rather hectic in the outside realm. More like family stuff and all that. 376 more words