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Saving Harry

Ok so I know hedgehogs aren’t monkeys but they’re JUST as important!

In the 1950s there were 30 million hedgehogs in the UK.

Now there are 1 million. 62 more words



In the past we have seen a hedgehog now and again, probably not even every year, and that has been in the far corners of the fields. 199 more words


Tales from the Riverbank.

Well, it’s been another weekend of wildlife treats and surprises.  This week I have been doing my bit to help make Coventry’s riverbanks more habitable for Water Voles. 595 more words


Calling All True Hedgehogs

 Lord Nelson (aka Horatio Hedgehog, our resident insectivore) tells me there is disturbing news in the hedgehog world. Apparently someone has decided to make a movie about Sonic the Hedgehog. 625 more words


Discriminating Tastes

Blueberries. Couch pillows. Emilio eats both with equal enthusiasm.

The Pet

Would You Rather Be Popular or Accurate?

That is, if you were a political pundit, would your rather be popular or accurate? To answer this question we need to review research done by Philip Tetlock, a professor of psychology and political science. 429 more words

Human Memory: Theory And Data

From Wilfred Prickles To Sticky Janet - The Peoples pays a visit to Elaine Drewery at Authorpe Hedgehog Care

Wilfred Prickles was the first, the original. They disturbed his mother and the little ones when they were clearing out the stables. The rest of the family decamped but Wilfred was left behind and Elaine took him in, learned to feed him, kept him warm. 163 more words