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B is for Besom

Using and Making a Witch’s Broom

Besom is Latin for broom and it can be one of the witch’s most powerful tools. Besoms tend to be especially popular among kitchen and cottage witches- and as a Hedge witch with both of these tendencies I love the power a besom can evoke. 1,765 more words


A is for Altar

Altars create the work space for magick to begin…

Although it is true that one does not need an altar to practice spirituality, it is certainly a beautiful thing to have. 1,075 more words


To Cleanse, Consecrate & Empower An Object

To cleanse, consecrate, and empower an item. You need to make 2 decisions: to whom will consecrate the item (God, Goddess, Spirit, the name of deity), and what kind of empowerment you want the item to carry (Love, healing, peace prosperity and so on). 327 more words