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And the sun also rises in Valencia


‘Arriba! Arriba! Vamonos!’ she was screaming at the driver as his turns became more and more erratic. We were all screaming and laughing and the driver was shouting ‘es como la Formula One! 2,197 more words


How could he think his way out of the problem when the problem was the way he thought, Patrick wondered, not for the first time, as he slipped reluctantly out of his overcoat and handed it to a brilliantined red-jacketed waiter.

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An Overview

I have lived a varied and occasionally exciting life. When I say ‘occasionally’, I really do mean ‘occasionally’. This is because I am a Muslim by birth and my hedonistic definition of fun isn’t conducive to a large number of Islamic teachings. 352 more words



Let thy desire flourish,
In order to let thy heart forget the beatifications for thee.
Follow thy desire, as long as thou shalt live.
Put myrrh upon thy head and clothing of fine linen upon thee, 61 more words


Alter to an Unknown Love by Michael John Beasley


Wow, listening to Brannon Howse’s radio program today and it is excellent. When he posts it later this evening then I highly recommend listening to it, especially if you are interesting in helping the brethren understand false teaching/teachers and how these things have crept into the church. 140 more words

Self-serving at its finest: Gamer analyzing human nature

The premise of the science fiction movie Gamer delves into the world of the future, one that poses to address the corruptness that is fully realized when technology has given us opportunities to advance ourselves, either financially or by exertion of power. 466 more words

East Side to the West End

God has revealed to us through the Spirit. For the Spirit searches everything, even the depths of God.- 1 Corinthians‬ ‭2‬:‭10‬

Splashing quietly, lights off waters, floating, adrift but not anxiously, privately, fluid and dynamic and welcoming, grateful, kissing, lips blessing, a few pulls to exhale the marijuana, a few moments to let that cloudy hello subside, then there’s only moonlight, creamy yellow, laughing, loving, mirroring those three floating along like lights on the surface, water warm, jets rushing, small whirpools whirpooling, aimless fooling around and touching, mass erotic, purring like engines, also moscato, pink, and chocolates slightly melting from the heat, bouncing and creating small ripples on the water, though there’s no such thing as a small ripple, one forgets big waves don’t fall from clouds except in Noah’s age, a sprinkling like christmas time cheer of cocaine on green felt, a cubist portrait of hedonism, the idea itself was like a shotgun, personal revelation, and a challenge; make it holy, make it last by being enduring, truths that they’ll be glad to have sacrificed their bodies for, perhaps a question of if it was worth it, but then only a question not a statement, not an indictment, and without coiling deception, serpentine deception, only honest orgasms, step sisters, and 25,000 dollars in a loose suitcase. 22 more words

Short Pieces