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PleasureTown History: The Population Boom

Honeymoons never last as long as one would like, and PleasureTown was no exception. As PleasureTown’s reputation solidified into fact, so did tales of danger and warning. 220 more words

Town History

Desire: Awakening or Addiction?

Tantra is sometimes known as the path of awakening through desire. Unlike many paths which seek to suppress or avoid desire in order to awaken, Tantra gives methods to awaken through desire. 1,060 more words



Years have gone by since I’ve last updated, but that’s okay. The purpose of a blog isn’t necessarily to show the world day by day interactions, but to show the person — the blogger — how they’ve upgraded in life; a purpose for reflection on how things change through time. 879 more words


Talking about Food

Talking about food you, and only you, have eaten previously is one of the worst small talk sins.

Oh, your drink was bad. Thanks for letting me know that it did not appeal to your sensitivities and therefore may not appeal to mine. 302 more words


Star Trek Into Darkness - Consequentialism, Utilitarianism and the Clueless Commander

Everyone loves a good movie with aliens. For years now, the Star Trek phenomenon has taken many different forms. The most recent (at the time of this writing) film in the franchise, Star Trek Into Darkness, hearkens back to much of the franchise’s roots as it remakes what may be one of the most famous sci-fi movies of all time, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn. 2,851 more words

It's A Wonderful Life

Be Realistic, plan for Miracles

if you are feeling stuck
abandon what you do, be somebody else
embrace uncertainty for experience

pure experience without judgement
where Life again becomes
possible, freedom of will… 211 more words