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For a society where pleasure, hedonism and vanity dominate

Klaus Kenneth speaks for a society where pleasure, hedonism and vanity dominate.


Empirical Dogmatics


-   Emotions can influence one’s facility to reason by sharpening or blinding it. Which any individual will display depends quite a lot on habit.
–   Learned responses derived from faith or indoctrination dull the reasoning facility to serve the fight or flight response reaction and limit that to causes supported by the conditioner. 101 more words


Wilde renate

There was this massive outside play area with a full size swinging ship, a bonfire, haybales stacked around a giant birdcage and vintage cars converted to beds, a piano fountain and trees dotted with houses. 139 more words


Quirky Quakers


Have you ever heard of the Quakers? Yes, like the oats if you are in the US. Quakers are a long established religious group. With some pretty near Buddhist like qualities.Quakerism is a new way of thinking or an old way. 101 more words


Utilitarianism and the Moral Life by J. P. Moreland

I found this essay on After All, but it looks like their site is not working well, so I’m just going to steal it and post it here, in case it disappears completely. 1,192 more words


Most beautiful sunset - Zadar

While a guest of room 204 of the former Hotel Zagreb, Hitchcock is quoted as saying: “The sunset of Zadar is the world’s most beautiful and incomparably better than in Key West, Florida”.

20 more words

p is for pagan

When topics of conversation on your first date includes kilts, Catholicism, and haggis, it means one of two things: You’re dating in the United Kingdom, or you’ve stumbled across a very unique man and are in for an adventure. 427 more words