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The Problem of Experience: A Primer to Sensualism

Authors note: I wish to proffer the epistemological underpinnings to what I have come to call Sensualism. In this post, I will refrain from using philosophical terminology as much as possible in order to circumvent potential misinterpretations of my position based solely on this terminology. 1,188 more words




Ahedonism: (without, or absence of, pleasure or joy) the denial that pleasure has a place in life.

The failure to comprehend what ethical hedonism is all about leads to… 691 more words


My company this morning prompted me to wonder how two people could exclusively pursue their own ends and at the same time claim to know love, but before I could find my voice I realised we were speaking a different language. 69 more words


I once dated this Boy...

… who confused the words, mahogany, monotony, and monogamy all the time.

Have you ever been in a mahoganous relationship?

I have.

I’m not in one anymore.


The absolute necessity of a tempting, pleasurable distraction.

I enjoy the mental pleasure derived from sitting down and typing my thoughts into this device, to share with whoever is curious enough to seek them out. 326 more words


A Very, Very, Very, Very Brief Introduction to Ethics and Why it Matters for Your Writing

So, like a month ago, I started this series about ethics and why it helps in your writing. It’s been a little while since I wrote something in this series, and I thought it was about time that I got back to it. 925 more words


Boomers are still partying while Millennials suffer


Perhaps I should group all these stories under the heading “Fuck Boomers”. Seriously.

When it comes to wild living, young people are rightly expected to put their parents to shame.

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