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Hedonism Unplugged

I am a hedonist. This archetype is a prominent part of my persona. I don’t mind being considered to be a Sybarite.  I think I might inspire some people to experiment with allowing a little bit more pleasure into life when they see it does not seem to do me any harm.   345 more words


The Principles of Lust

When I heard Enigma’s Principles of Lust I got confused. It did not get me lusty at all. Neither did idiotic songs like this… 300 more words

Blurt Outs

I'm not political-natch!

The statement, ‘I’m not political’ is a lame, simply because saying you’re not political is a political  in and of itself. I wrestle with this because somehow my default is to avoid voicing inflammatory opinions- that’s not to say I avoid being shocking but that’s another topic- or  do things that align with any sort of political agenda – yes I have major commitment issues and like to control what I share but basically it’s impossible to buy toilet paper without making some sort of political statement. 87 more words



Hedonism: n. pursuing excessive pleasure

If you have devoted most of your life to gluttony, promiscuity, sexual pleasure, drugs, gambling, and alcohol then you can be considered to be a hedonist or someone who is out for extreme pleasure to the exclusion of most other important things in life. 110 more words

Common Sense

diminishing degrees of divide

One of the greatest pleasures of my working life has been small instances when I’ve been able to facilitate a setting or situation- usually with the help of a shared meal- that creates a connection between people, diminishing misperceptions and easing judgement. 335 more words


Book of the Week: Happier

Continuing my positive psychology binge, I read Happier by Tal Ben-Shahar, the Harvard professor who teaches the happiness class. The book is divided into three parts. 401 more words


Another Clever Trick for Using Against the Anti-Hedonists

As explained elsewhere, many anti-hedonists will claim that hedonism is a gross value set because there is more to morality than happiness, higher values than giving people happiness. 96 more words