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Ballad of the Hothouse Flower

by Devan Boyle

Mrs. Witterly is of a very excitable nature, very delicate, very fragile, a hothouse plant.

Nicholas Nickelby

Or, seasonal habits of the highly sensitive.

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YOLO, right? WRONG!

Hey Smart Folk, If you’re very young, or have older kids, or even just pay attention to pop culture around us, you’ve likely heard the term YOLO bandied about. 1,230 more words



It’s the naked truth! Our relationships, beliefs and happiness stay inextricably intertwined. We make ourselves unhappy when we struggle to keep them separated, when we apply a disconnect while denying or pretending other than the naked truth, and especially when we force ourselves to comply with the required views of groups whose ideals we do not uphold. 478 more words




One of the rules that drives evolution is that of conservatism. Here, I am referring to real conservatism, not the greed-driven political practices of your conservative acquaintances. 276 more words


#foodporn: a fork it definition.

Have you ever tried to Google “food porn”? The results range from the mouth-watering to the grotesque to the literal. If you ever visit food porn websites, you’ll find everything from fresh exotic fruit tastefully displayed, to the most unappealing calorie-laden meal you’ve ever dreamed of. 172 more words

Hump Day

Matthew Williamson X Ellsewhere

Matthew Williamson X Ellsewhere now on my website

In the depths of Fulham Palace, seven strong women take a moment to rest during London’s most elegant party But what do the beautiful garments by Matthew Williamson and their enchanting headpieces by Ellsewhere say about their origin? 85 more words