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Wellcome Collection - The Garden of Earthly Delights

I made a recent visit to the current exhibition on at the Wellcome Collection museum: An Idiosyncratic A to Z of the Human Condition. There were a couple items that really did catch my eye; one being ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights: Allegory of Luxury’. 571 more words


Book #36 - The Great Gatsby

I know Dave is gonna hate me for my opinion of this, because he’s a little obsessed with it, but I can’t help it. F Scott Fitzgerald’s story of tragic love, the American dream, and the destructive carelessness of Tom and Daisy Buchanan left me cold, and I didn’t enjoy it at all. 244 more words


Hedonism & Fetishism

Did I mention my fetish for lingerie, heels – particularly sandals – and stage jewellery? No?

Well then, let me introduce myself properly: Jade, hedonist, bondage devotee and lingerie fetishist. 354 more words


Day 572

I wilt before her,
Like a flower in winter’s
Hourly defence.

I rise above her,
Plunge down like a tsunami,
With all my rough love. 96 more words

Moral Relativism and the Modern Pharisee

It seems clear that moral relativism has become a persistent part of contemporary moral dialogue. However, whilst it is common to associate relativism with moral latitude, even hedonism, what is less frequently noted is the extent to which it has become allied with a strange kind of legalism – albeit one that is almost completely arbitrary. 1,528 more words


Motivation and the Brain

A person’s drive to succeed in life surfaces from motivation.  The ability to understand what motivation is and where it derives from means understanding the behaviors that encompass a motivation.  1,164 more words