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Injury Update on Darren Young & Cena Becomes a "Heel" in A Movie

– WWE Superstar Darren Young tweeted the following injury update on Wednesday:

“In Birmingham heading back home now from getting ACL/MCL repair check up. Everything is good just gotta strengthen that quad more!

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On the Tweets of John Cena and Rusev

John Cena had this to say on Twitter just now:

You either die a hero or live long enough to become a villian.True or not I am and have always been me.Thru crisis or triumph…

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Nikki Bella Possible Turning Heel, Hogan Visits Mexico, and WWE Wants More Fireflies

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

- WWE officials have discussed turning Nikki Bella heel but we don’t know if they’re planning on going forward with it in the current Stephanie McMahon vs. 83 more words

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EP Review: Stranger Just The Same by Heel

London pop rockers Heel release their sophomore EP Stranger Just The Same on the 28th July. Due to the female vocalist and pop rock sound people will probably jump to make comparisons to Paramore, but the London quartet are eager to be appreciated on their own veritable array of merits than any umbrella gender/genre pool. 297 more words


How To Clicker Train "Heel" Position (Dog Training)

A couple of you have been asking how I teach heel, so here it is! The first thing I work on is getting the dog to find the heel position. 7 more words

Heel Vertigoheel Rx 100 tablets In

When you have Plantar Fasciitis avoid any activity that can further aggravate the problem. This includes walking for long distances, walking up or down stairs, running, sports etc. 332 more words

A New School

Bear utterly enjoyed school. He was good at it and he loved the attention. Hence, after Puppy Kindergarten, we immediately enrolled in Basics Class. In addition to sit, come, down, and stay, Bear learned the commands: around, leave it, and wait. 1,302 more words