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The Helelian Dialectic & the Occult Meaning of Disney's Lion King & the Secret Agenda of Theosophists, Freemasons & NWO Luciferians

The Hegelian Dialectic and the occult meaning of Disney’s, The Lion King.


The secret agenda of theosophists, Freemasons and New World Order Luciferians.

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Mind Control

Jay Carney says it will not be a good year for Democrats in the election

 Jay Carney appeared on CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ this morning and he reiterated what seems to be the prevailing logic of political prognosticators at this time–the 2014 midterm elections are not going to go well for the Democrats. 384 more words


Buddhists Blockade Hotel to Protest Police-Military Training and Oakland will not host Urban Shield next year!!

September 04, 2014

Source:  buddhistpeacefellowship.org

A war is raging, not just overseas, but here on U.S. city streets.

Mike Brown, Kajieme Powell, John Crawford, and Ezell Ford are just a few of those recently killed in this war against young black and brown people.

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A new report shows there has been no global warming in 18 years

 For the sake of this post we will concede the point that at one time there might have been global warming and that it is possible that it was a  235 more words


Super Computer: Plague of Locusts: Joel Chapter 2 (Biblical Meme)

Amazing! Millions of locusts swarm city, slowing traffic and blocking sky


MADAGASCAR — Millions of locusts arrived in Antananarivo, Madagascar, this week interfering with traffic and even blocking out the sky.

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Of Incest, the Bardo Thodol, and Meher Baba's Manifestation

In email correspondence, Earl Holt first wrote this about incest on 28 Aug 14:

…Yes, in grad school advanced counseling practicum I once innocently inquired, do we have any reliable realistic stats on the prevalence of sexual abuse (I would prefer some such phrase as “sexual traumatization”) of children?

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Meher Baba