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Of Incest, the Bardo Thodol, and Meher Baba's Manifestation

In email correspondence, Earl Holt first wrote this about incest on 28 Aug 14:

…Yes, in grad school advanced counseling practicum I once innocently inquired, do we have any reliable realistic stats on the prevalence of sexual abuse (I would prefer some such phrase as “sexual traumatization”) of children?

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Meher Baba

Fallen Angels/ELS are Super Friends (Predictive Programming) - Call Me/ Out of Touch/Time (Remix)

They are NOT our friends… How many times do you see hands or hands up in this video, especially with the Super Friends predictive programming? 774 more words

Outsourcing Discernment: The Hegelian Dialectic and Discernment Inc


As we draw nearer to the climax of end times events, more and more agents of the enemy reveal themselves.  A great many of these agents pretend to be Christians. 969 more words

End Time Deception

The Senate to review the militarizing of the police force in the wake of Ferguson

  The militarizing of the police force is something that has had some people in the blogosphere concerned for some time but it has been largely ignored by most of the American people. 591 more words


Jeff Sessions joins the call for Harry Reid to allow a vote on legislation which would stop Barack Obama from using an Executive Order to grant amnesty

 The House has passed a border crisis bill which would curtail Barack Obama from using an Executive Order to grant amnesty to certain illegal immigrants. Mitch McConnell has called on Harry Reid to allow the legislation to go to the Senate floor for a vote. 617 more words


Fight the Good Fight? and become the very thing that you hate!

I am taking it slow and easy on this page. Please follow this page for further updates.  I am no longer using social media to promote my research.   238 more words

14 Methodologies Of Mind Control Used On The Unsuspecting Masses

1)    Obfuscation:   Just basic confusion of one thing for another–a smoke and mirrors game.

2)   World View Poisoning:   Conditioning the way people view human nature and their own self-value. 724 more words

Mind Control