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I deleted the other online dating account too! Right after I stalked the profile of someone who viewed my profile.

It’s all so creepy. I mean, maybe it’s not creepy for most people, but it just encourages my more stalkerish tendencies. 325 more words

Cdukulele's Love Life.

October 9th

“People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should¬†be afraid of their people.


You can already guess what i’m watching, for those who don’t know, its V for Vendetta. 80 more words


finding thyself,

not in clothes nor materialistic objects;

but the words tattooed across your heart

that make you who you are;

the voice in your head that tells you to… 24 more words

Dajon Jennae


Promos are done. Finito. No more late-night studying, no more caffeine-induced cramming, no more going to sleep worrying about the mess of an essay that you’re handing up the next day. 465 more words


#momconfessions = mega depressing.

i’ve written about the dirty little secrets of motherhood before on this blog, but lg recently brought the plight of depressing motherhood reality to light with its campaign, … 116 more words


How to update multiple SQL records, with merge with multiple options, based on an XML document?

I’m relatively new to SQL (a week or so), and I have a bunch of xml files that have a structure somewhat like this:

… 499 more words

Thursday Poems: My God, It's Full of Stars by Tracy K. Smith

Okay, so I’m a little drunk — this is only relevant because I can’t actually remember which poem I last shared with my friend, and so in turn, I can’t share it with you, the nameless, faceless internet.¬† 505 more words