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The Car Accident

Author’s note:

I’m just trying to clear my head from the memory. And the reoccurring nightmares.


It was a long day.

Just the night before, I ended up in a little heated argument with my mom because I was trying to comfort you in a mess (and said mess is my fault.) I was not angry at my mom but I felt sad. 767 more words

So, I survived the First Night.

And it was actually really terrifying. I mean, I knew it would creep me out, but oh my god. 406 more words


how the scottish invented golf

well, this always makes me laugh. (^_^)

(note that, in order to find this funny, you may need to have encountered at some point in your life — at a safe distance, of course — some scottish people glaswegians.)


Other Stuff

banana pancakes recipe.

first you need a computer.
then search the recipe – banana pancakes

after you’ve found the ‘recipe’, click the button play.
oh, use spotify or any media streaming app is much easier to find that ‘recipe’ 103 more words


Heh. I’ll just eat all of it right out of the thing. Heh heh.


so the wikipedia entry for blitzkrieg was apparently *very* accurate for a few minutes yesterday




My words dance around me

Unable to be caught in your presence

As you captive them into stasis

And send them on their way..

Who needs to speak anyway? 137 more words