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so the wikipedia entry for blitzkrieg was apparently *very* accurate for a few minutes yesterday




My words dance around me

Unable to be caught in your presence

As you captive them into stasis

And send them on their way..

Who needs to speak anyway? 137 more words

nano- aggressions


Nanoaggressions: Science reveals structural oppression too small for human eyes

— Salon.com (@Salondotcom) June 24, 2014


The person behind this fake Salon Twitter account is an American hero – h/t ginbaby!


Continuously: Episode 1 Season 3 (Maybe we're all just living for the sake of it)

Scene 1

N-Summers are for doing things, for releasing stress, for being you

N-but the worst part is when it comes to an end

N-And you have to get used to the life school gives you. 1,710 more words

my soundcloud, suck it

whatever that means to you,

let it mean it

or dis (straught)(story)(tory)(tor ot) it