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Thursday Poems: My God, It's Full of Stars by Tracy K. Smith

Okay, so I’m a little drunk — this is only relevant because I can’t actually remember which poem I last shared with my friend, and so in turn, I can’t share it with you, the nameless, faceless internet.  505 more words


The Car Accident

Author’s note:

I’m just trying to clear my head from the memory. And the reoccurring nightmares.


It was a long day.

Just the night before, I ended up in a little heated argument with my mom because I was trying to comfort you in a mess (and said mess is my fault.) I was not angry at my mom but I felt sad. 767 more words

You can’t write poems about trees when the woods are full of policemen.

Bertolt Brecht

So, I survived the First Night.

And it was actually really terrifying. I mean, I knew it would creep me out, but oh my god. 406 more words


how the scottish invented golf

well, this always makes me laugh. (^_^)

(note that, in order to find this funny, you may need to have encountered at some point in your life — at a safe distance, of course — some scottish people glaswegians.)


Other Stuff

banana pancakes recipe.

first you need a computer.
then search the recipe – banana pancakes

after you’ve found the ‘recipe’, click the button play.
oh, use spotify or any media streaming app is much easier to find that ‘recipe’ 103 more words