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Find a repeated, deeply-nested, element with jQuery and get/set the html()?

jsfiddle: http://ift.tt/1zpAgOB

I have this element markup:

    <tr class="main_row" id="gaws">
            <a href="irrelevant">HEY</a>
        <td class="hi">
            The irrelevancy is strong
    <tr class="hidden">      
        <td rowspan="4">
            <div class="hidden_results">
                <!-- I want to get/set everything between these div tags -->
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Parsing a JSON array with jQuery?

JSON newbie here. I have a JSON array that looks like this:


How do I parse this in jQuery? I’ve tried this code:

success: function (r) {
    var stringified = JSON.stringify(r);
    var result = '';
    $.each(stringified, function (i, val) {
      result += val;
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How do I trigger a function in ASP.NET from jQuery? WebForms

I’m a bit of a newbie to ASP.NET, but I’m pretty decent at C#. I find this approach very easy in PHP, but it’s a lot different in ASP.NET. 208 more words

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Kurang Tanggap


Saya kadang suka memperhatikan, kebanyakan orang sekarang tidak cepat tanggap. Entah apakah hanya perasaan saya saja yang mengatakan demikian, atau memang sudah menjadi kondisi umum bahwa sekarang kecenderungannya kehidupan bermasyarakat itu mengarah pada individu-individu yang apatis dan tidak empati. 344 more words



it’s hard because

we’re seeing the world in a different hue

& my heart bleeds bright red

while yours beats blue

we’re back to back, 126 more words