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I used to associate your presence

to the brightest of chrysanthemums in their

beauty, their ebullient glamour

similar to the warmth and comfort

your embraces brought. 207 more words

Indi mamasyar sa babaye nga lagawan (Dont date a girl who travels my own Hiligaynon version)

I did my best to translate the English version of Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels by Adi and here it is:

Gakay-ag lang permi iya buhok nga namula na tungod sa init sang adlaw.

598 more words

Assignment for 4/22 - Free Choice Blog #3

If you’re reading FICTION: Describe the protagonist and the central conflict they are facing in the book.  Then predict how the conflict will be resolved (ie – predict the ending), and reflect on this ending: is this the way YOU would want to resolve the conflict?  153 more words


I am now very relieved! I don’t want to tell the whole story, it might hurt someone. It needs time to sink in. Ok, it might hurt me more than the other person if I think more about it. 53 more words

My Life

"Can we please have a photo with you?"


I thought that I would share this story with you because is is quite funny so here I go.

So Mia and I got some gelato (as you do at least twice a day while you are in Italy), and we had just wandered into this big square with Mum and Dad we were just standing around and gobbling up our gelato when a group of about 5 or 6 teenage boys came up to us. 271 more words