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I am now very relieved! I don’t want to tell the whole story, it might hurt someone. It needs time to sink in. Ok, it might hurt me more than the other person if I think more about it. 53 more words

My Life

"Can we please have a photo with you?"


I thought that I would share this story with you because is is quite funny so here I go.

So Mia and I got some gelato (as you do at least twice a day while you are in Italy), and we had just wandered into this big square with Mum and Dad we were just standing around and gobbling up our gelato when a group of about 5 or 6 teenage boys came up to us. 271 more words

Best cry ever

Sorry for being a Jackass…but lmao
PS: Don’t get high and watch this


Cute BABY girl says no to everything

In short it’s what every girl I ask out says… *sigh*