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But Is It Art?

Last week, a group of people scaled the towers of the Brooklyn Bridge and replaced the American flags with bleached out white ones.  Many people have many theories about who did this and why.  409 more words


Hanging On To Heidegger

Michael Marder defends (NYT) Heidegger’s philosophy from the anti-Semitism present in his diaries:

[N]one of the recent revelations about Heidegger should be suppressed or dismissed.

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The Dish

Schopenhauer & Heidegger

Ever since encountering the work of Arthur Schopenhauer I’ve become one of his most devoted fans (which makes him sound like a pop star, which he sort of is) and have adopted the Tragic view of the biological world. 87 more words

Gilad Atzmon

What has been given to us?

We must carry an iron yoke with no hole,
It is a slight matter, the curse is passed on to our descendants;
If you want to support the gate and sustain the house, … 467 more words

The Strangeness of Theism and Atheism

Heidegger asks a very good question in his essay “What is Metaphysics?” He poses the question about the nature of nothing. The atheistic scientist believes that all that exists is the universe or the multiverse. 535 more words


Inner worlds

At Culture Lab in Newcastle this week my colleague Jimmy Tidey ran a workshop with some other Creative Exchange PhD candidates in the context of a program wide symposium. 472 more words


H is for Hermeneutics

You may know that I hail from an evangelical-charismatic background.  What you may not know is that I am continually challenged in conversations about the need to interpret our experiences and texts. 759 more words