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Being's Ontology and Becoming

Being or Ontology is one of the most widely debated, discussed and disputed area in Philosophy.
One cannot avoid mentioning the transition of being from metaphysical-theology to pure philosophy and then again to post structuralism as the determination of being’s meaning as problem in the philosophy of language. 198 more words


Heidegger: The Absence of Nearness

“All distances in time and space are shrinking. . . . Yet the frantic abolition of all distances brings no nearness; for nearness does not consist in shortness of distance.

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Phrenomenology: Zahavi, Dennett and the End of Being

We are led back to these perceptions in all questions regarding origins, but they themselves exclude any further question as to origin. It is clear that the much-talked-of certainty of internal perception, the evidence of the cogito, would lose all meaning and significance if we excluded temporal extension from the sphere of self-evidence and true givenness.

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Goldschmidt and Heidegger

Recently I was corresponding with Vanessa de Harven about Victor Goldschmidt’s Le système stoïcien et l’idée de temps (1st ed. 1953), which I had just re-read. 641 more words


Notes on Schelling and the Existential and Predicative Judgments.

For Dieter Heinrich, the problem of idealism in general is the emergence of rationality into the world, or how the world becomes ‘reasonable’ or really… 4,071 more words


Writer's block

The monk dipped his quill and positioned it over the parchment again. His fingers were black and smudges formed on the unyielding page. Drops of ink found their way to the frayed cuff of his robe. 652 more words


ὁ Λόγος: In the Beginning Was...

In my last post on the Study in a Course in Miracles blog, The Word and Voice of God, I discussed how words and voices are sounds, and just like light, sound is vibration or vibrating energy. 625 more words

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