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They tell us that they understand.

They tell us that they understand?

My question is what do they understand?

They tell us they are inclusive. My question is what do they mean by inclusion? 266 more words

Heidegger's "Schwarze Hefte" Not Very Interesting

Do you remember a few posts ago when I discussed the publication of Martin Heidegger’s “schwarze hefte” (black notebooks) and said something interesting will be revealed? 13 more words


Authenticity, pt. 1

Authenticity, properly conceived of as a relation,[1] is fundamentally a relation towards death. But what happens when we replace the ‘there’ of Da-sein[2] with the ‘with’ of Mit-sein? 82 more words

Seamus Heaney and Heidegger

Seamus Heaney has long since been revered as one of the greatest poets of the 20th Century. Heaney wrote ceaselessly throughout The Troubles (the ethno-nationalist conflict in Northern Ireland 1968-1998… 1,557 more words


"¿Por qué a Cioran no le gusta Heidegger?" (José Ignácio Nájera)

Que existan ciertos paralelismos entre Heidegger y Cioran no autoriza a decir, como ha hecho Sloterdijk, que el segundo sea el doble oscuro del primero. La supuesta brillantez de tal caracterización resulta tan llamativa como desafortunada, y no pasa de ser una agitación cascabelera para llamar la atención. 1,170 more words


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A Unified Theory (A Non-Philosophical Theory of Nature book event)

A unified theory — though not a theory of everything. Not philosophy of, with all its implications of dominance and omnicompetence (a philosophy of religion, of law, of fashion are all equally plausible), nor even simply philosophy and — but a unified theory of philosophy and some science. 1,212 more words


The problem with Heidegger, pt. 0001

The problem with Heidegger is not that he gave us authenticity and inauthenticity in a more complicated way than we were willing to think them. Several have remarked on this,[1] wondered how it is possible for Heidegger’s subject — Dasein — to be authentic when it is made clear that Dasein is always-already fallen-into inauthenticity.[2] Some have even argued that this difficulty is a sign that Heidegger never really meant authenticity to be a possible mode of Dasein’s care.[3] 464 more words