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Beyond Religion and Philosophy

There are probably many reading this blog who wonder why I take time to speak about philosophers, when ostensibly this blog is about zen and the practical life lived in a forest on the hills in northern Spain? 1,412 more words

Live the Life You Want to Live

Does your life bring you joy or sorrow?
Have you ever thought, “Why does this stuff always happen to me?”
Have you ever wondered why you attract certain types of people? 559 more words

A bit deeper thinking about technology

I am writing some random ideas about my reading which is not complete yet but I will dare to write my thoughts while the reading is taking place: 807 more words

My Research Journal

Still Life II (Listening to Scriabin)


The sonnet has been exerting its draw on me. I posted another recently. I’ve said it before, and it remains true that the sonnet is my personal favorite form of poetic expression (and readers of this blog will recognize that I am not beholden to “formalism,” that is, adherence to set poetic forms for adherence’s sake). 154 more words



It is my opinion that each of us is solipsistic as well as social; these are just different locations inside the frame that is each self is. 880 more words


Walking Philosophy

The peripatetic stage in our life comes with the emptying out of the nest so that we have no destination, no particular urgency in the walking, and nothing other than the pleasure of one another’s company and conversation. 1,198 more words

Nietzsche's Koan: Eternal Recurrence

Heidegger wrote; “Nietzsche’s word, ‘God is dead'” Which just about perfectly sums it all up!

To write anything is to write of an experience that exceeds all possibility of expression. 527 more words