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Notes on Rancière and the Machinations of Nature in Schelling.

So: the basic situation here is: Let us begin at the threshold of materialist philosophy: how does inert matter become the signifier, or, in Heideggerian terms, the earth become the world? 3,306 more words


Ko od koga prepisuje: Arnautović od Šarčevića ili Šarčević od Arnautovića? Ili pak Heidegger i od jednog i od drugog? DRUGI DIO

U prvom dijelu teksta smo pod ovim istim naslovom – iako je već bilo posve jasno da nema potrebe dokazivati očevidno – do najmanjih detalja nastojali pokazati kako je Arnautović potkradao jednu po jednu Šarčevićevu rečenicu i to prikazivao kao vlastito tumačenje Heideggerovog teksta. 1,267 more words

On Theology as Colonial Science; or the Dead Spirituality of the Religious Text.

European theology is entirely consigned to the prehistory of thought, relegated to the misty land of demagogues and scholastics babbling in ornate buildings, and who, insofar are they do not babble, are therefore not theologians but rather philosophers, the vanguard of the bourgeois revolution forthcoming. 9,986 more words


Тотнауберзька трава

Перевернула коробку зі старим “мотлохом” – ну, мабуть не дуже мотлохом, в мене всього лиш дві коробки старих речей залишилося – фоток, записників, щоденників, листівок, інших пам’яток – це я при останньому переїзді з чотирьох чи п’ятьох до двох звела, тому власне мотлоху там мабуть вже не залишилося.


Philosophy Forum 17/12/2014 -Martin Heidegger: The Thing

Dear All

following the discussion upon music -which mutated into a discussion about art- I thought about various options. However as its Christmas I thought how can we do better than the father Christmas of (at least… 64 more words


Mitsein Freunden, Mitsein Liebe: A Reflection on Being-With

Lately, I have been giving a lot of thought to Heidegger’s neologism mitsein, being-with. The reasons for this are varied, in part due to a doctoral seminar in which I was assigned a fair bit of Jean-Luc Nancy’s work. 1,075 more words