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“If I take death into my life, acknowledge it, and face it squarely, I will free myself from the anxiety of death and the pettiness of life – and only then will I be free to become myself. ”
― Martin Heidegger


First Commentary on Schelling; or, On the Fraudulence of Knowing: Schelling and Radical Ambivalence.

Surely the question of the intellectual is at once necessarily the central question of contemporary criticism as well as the most confounding, infuriating, and liable to bring us into an inadvertent repetition of the problematics of yesteryear. 3,806 more words


A Heidegger brain splat

PHILOSOPHY – ιλοσοφία (philosophia) “love of wisdom”

“the reach of thought beyond the foreground of life situations, to understand all time and existence, and that effort itself” – Māori Marsden. 879 more words


The Unity as Insanity

And, yay, they came to the marketplace and beheld an old man kneeling in the dirt, face pointed upward. He muttered, left hand twirling in painful, compulsive circles, “I am that I am that I am that I am that I am that I am that I am that I am.” The crowd found him contemptible and denounced his words as either false prophecy or insanity. 33 more words


Arnautovićeva gola teškoća njegove slijedeće protivvrijednosti

Vidjeli smo da Arnautović ne uspijeva prevesti niti jednu jedinu iole složeniju Heideggerovu rečenicu kada poseže za njegovom dvotomnom knjigom o Nietzscheu. Velika bruka je za ovog autora doktorske teze o Nietzscheu i potom na brzinu sklepane knjige o nihilizmu da najvažnije odrednice Heideggerovog tumačenja nihilizma nije uopće razumio, kako smo vidjeli iz odlomaka koje je pokušao prevesti. 526 more words

Connectivity #4 - The philosophy of connectivity

This post is part of a new project for the Critical Physiotherapy Network.  If you want to know more about the project, track back to this post. 963 more words

Being's Ontology and Becoming

Being or Ontology is one of the most widely debated, discussed and disputed area in Philosophy.
One cannot avoid mentioning the transition of being from metaphysical-theology to pure philosophy and then again to post structuralism as the determination of being’s meaning as problem in the philosophy of language. 198 more words