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Nothing Rhymes With Heidegger

I know as much about philosopher Martin Heidegger’s writings as I know about how to stuff a turkey on Thanksgiving.  Mostly because others have always stuffed the bird, all I have to do is stuff myself. 962 more words


The Mind and Heidegger

While everyone has moved on from skepticism and epistemology, interest in the philosophy of mind & language have taken up the slack. I finally abandoned skepticism myself a while back and agree that the traditional problems of “other minds” and so on are not really problems worthy of much effort anymore. 898 more words


Heidegger and Neo: Things I Saw in the Matrix

Spoiler Alert: Anybody who still hasn’t seen The Matrix trilogy and plans to, better not read this yet. I mean… You’ve had 15 years already, but I know people have other things to do. 481 more words


Note on the Pursuit of Certainty; or the Stakes of the Unconditioned.

Philosophy, I think, is no longer able to earn its name in good faith; and this must be the starting insight of political theory. If the original pursuit of philosophy is knowledge, in the sense of a systematic understanding which lays out the essential parameters of what can be known, and how it is known, then this is the project of classifying reason with which we can no longer be at ease.  445 more words


Consequences of Acting Through Others

An hour into the film Gamer, John “Kable” Tillman enters a rave within the Society’s game while attempting to free his wife Angie. Shots are fired at Kable, which end up killing several people at the rave. 819 more words