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Heidelberg Catechism Lord's Day 16

This week’s Heidelberg catechism questions:

Lord’s Day 16

40. Q.
Why was it necessary for Christ
to humble himself even unto death?

Because of the justice and truth of God 1satisfaction for our sins… 148 more words


Heidelberg Catechism Lord's Day 15

37. Q.
What do you confess when you say
that he suffered?

During all the time he lived on earth,
but especially at the end, 158 more words


Heidelberg Catechism - Lord's Day 5.



* Before you begin. Read Romans 8:2-4, I Corinthians15:21-22, 25-26.

12. Since, then, by the righteous judgment of God we deserve temporal and eternal punishment, how may we escape this punishment and be again received into favour? 1,359 more words

Heidelberg Catechism

Are Reformed Churches Against the Creation of ALL Images?

I am asked about images of Christ and the 2nd Commandment quite often these days, especially since my last blog post. The below question is typical. 651 more words

Heidelberg Catechism - Lord's Day 4.


* Before you begin. Read Ps. 5:5-6

9. Does not God, then, do injustice to man by requiring of him in His Law that which he cannot perform… 1,181 more words


Heidelberg Catechism, 65., 66., 67.

65. Q. Since then faith alone makes us share in Christ and all His benefits, where does this faith come from?

A. From the Holy Spirit,[1] who works it in our hearts by the preaching of the gospel,[2] and strengthens it by the use of the sacraments.[3] 151 more words

Heidelberg Catechism

Heidelberg Catechism, 62., 63., 64.

62. Q. But why can our good works not be our righteousness before God, or at least a part of it?

A. Because the righteousness which can stand before God’s judgment must be absolutely perfect and in complete agreement with the law of God,[1] whereas even our best works in this life are all imperfect and defiled with sin.[2] 75 more words

Heidelberg Catechism