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Striped Danish

I made this jumper from a Hanne Falkenberg kit which I bought from Karin at Litet Nystan when I was in Stockholm. It is called “Studio” and the above photo is borrowed from the HF website. 824 more words



A slice of Heidi’s life once again. At this point Mika was losing her already. He got her a private daycare but when those people found out Mika was not related to Heidi and all the papers were fake Heidi was taken into custody. 17 more words



More of the bullshit. Heidi met her dream boy and Pähkinä told he wanted to live with Ira (because Ira never said no to anything he wanted, Pähkinä was allowed to eat as much candy as he wanted or stay up all night and Ira bought him every toy he wanted). 9 more words



So. Let’s get through this together. Looking back with grown up eyes I will now explain why Heidi is so lighthearted about this (and to make us all feel a little better). 155 more words



Here we go. “Jännitystä Kenolla millä hyvänsä.” That gambling ad comes in handy again… To spice things up I created this bunch of horse crap where poor little Heidi who is too young to understand finds a dead guy under a bush. 173 more words



Mika, Heidi and “someone” are on the beach.