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I Wish I Could Go to the Swiss Alps. Wait a minute! I am going to the Swiss Alps!

Last night, Ricky and Deborah just snuggled with me.  We were reading Heidi, and Deborah asked if she could braid my hair, and Ricky hugged me and looked at me like I was Miss America.   357 more words


How is Everybody Else Doing It?

Last night that was the very question I asked:  “How is everybody else doing it?”  

I mean for crying out loud, we were working at full capacity here!   303 more words


Fictitious Dishes

The power of food in literature is always surprisingly potent. I lightly touch on this in my post Bread and Jam for Frances. Fictitious Dishes:  182 more words

Book Reviews

My Answer Surprised Me

I was recently tagged on Facebook in a challenge to name the ten books that had most influenced  me. (I haven’t yet completed the challenge because I have tendencies toward procrastination. 684 more words

Heidi Goes Back to School

The Swiss have always been pioneers in children’s education. In the early 19th century educator Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi founded several schools throughout Switzerland with the motto “Learning by head, hand and heart”. 90 more words

Reading...My Favorite Pastime

I just finished reading my favorite book from my childhood, Heidi by Johanna Spyri! I read it so long ago I forgot what a good book it is! 254 more words