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Pinac Heirloom Capampangan Cuisine at U.P. Town Center

Every year on Maundy Thursday my family makes it a point to do the Visita Iglesia, a pious Roman Catholic Lenten tradition which involves attempting to visit seven churches or religious sites in one day ( 918 more words



In the mood for Japanese, but something different from your standard dons and bentos, I decided to try Heirloom, a bit of a higher-class and modern take on Japanese cuisine. 993 more words


The Letter of Day is O: "O" is for Orange Russian and Opalka Tomatoes

Orange Russian

Love, love, love this one! Pretty and yummy! I am not exaggerating when I say this is one the finest looking tomatoes I’ve ever had the pleasure to grow. 173 more words


Heirloom Tomatoes: The Low Down


I have always approached nouveau vegetables in supermarkets with a little caution. Buying into expensive fads with promises of authenticity and flavour is more often than not a fraudulent capitalist venture. 277 more words

Kids in the Garden

Over the years we have provided people with resources that show the danger of certain types of media exposure. We have built a case that exposes the Hollywood machine’s true intent. 920 more words

Farmers Market on your back porch

I love to garden. Every year I plant my tomatoes, peppers and whatever else in the ground and watch them fail miserably. The reason for their failure is partly my fault as I hate to weed and our soil is not very good. 299 more words

Juice Plus

Put An Egg On It Panzanella

I love a good loaf of bread and often indulge in organic, locally made country boules. Be sure to stay sucka-free though, only the best for you, suppers! 751 more words