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Seed Catalogs

                                                                  Time to start seed shopping – I finished going through and tossing old seeds. I think it is save to get rid any packed for sowing prior to 2010. 189 more words

Garden Planning

Hand Painted Bathroom Toilets

Complete the look of your decorated bathroom with a hand-painted toilet to match your sink. All of our sink designs can be applied to most toilet tanks and many toilet bowls.  428 more words

Hand Painted Sink

De-'Stuff'ing: Help Wanted

Hey there!   This is going to be a really short post!  You can grab a cuppa if you like, find a comfy spot and relax, but I’m not going to talk long today.   266 more words

My Most Treasured Chair

My grandpa’s wooden shop, just beside his house, is a treasure trove of antique gold. There beneath all the dust are pieces, small and large, telling a story of a much simpler time long passed. 342 more words

Home Decor Makeovers

A Jewelry Gift Honoring Our Grandmother

My grandmother had a collection of thimbles that she gave me a few years before she passed away.   They have been in a drawer in my jewelry box for about 10 years. 207 more words


Trader Joe's and the Organic Carrots of Many Colors

I don’t usually go trolling the Trader Joe’s produce aisle for products to review, unless I see something particularly eye catching – like a cruciferous crunch… 522 more words

Trader Joe's Brand

Edible Gardens; Organic and Heirloom Vegetable patches

Across Australia, and indeed around the world the typical cottage garden or fastidiously manicured lawn is being ditched for something truly remarkable. In the place of pruned and tamed rose bushes runner beans climb latticed frames and instead of ornamental seasonal bloomers pots are filled with tomato plants, strawberries and herbs. 475 more words

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