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Werner Karl Heisenberg

If you are a fan of Breaking Bad (BB) series than the name Heisenberg is familiar to you. But have you ever wondered why did BB character… 152 more words

On This Day In History

How to change opacity suddenly without transition (without fade) using keyframes

I am working on an animation where I need to change the opacity of horizontally-aligned icons (from 0 to 1) one after another (It should appear like a gradual lit up of series of LEDs). 195 more words

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CDEC doesn't return the correct value

I make a code that multiply all value of a DatagridView column.
The code working, but there’s a problem, in particular I’ve add this:

Return CDec(x.Cells("Quote").Value.ToString.Replace(",", "."))
… 116 more words
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Walter White Phone Wallpaper


Breaking Bad hangover, caused me 3 hours of non-stop vector and photoshop! In my previous post, I did a lockscreen of Jesse Pinkman. This time, I will be sharing you my lockscreen of the cook himself, HEISENBERG. 23 more words

21st Century Pen Pal !!

A.. Gupta , first of her name , Princess of the Gupta Empire with a smile brighter than sun’s , innocence overloaded , her hair silkier than those in the shampoo advertisements. 1,479 more words

2013 Friend

Connection refused java exception

I created a program that connects the server and client, I used the same procedure for an old project. The paradox is that it seems to show the message: 78 more words

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Breaking Bad Addiction

Jesse Pinkman Phone Wallpaper

Because I love Breaking Bad and (of course) my phone! He is blue since he is a meth head, and the meth that he is cooking is blue; well you’ll get it if you are a fan. 30 more words