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New Moon to Hekate

A while ago, shortly after starting my Black Rose studies, I began to feel a new presence in my life. It took a while for me to realize it was Hekate and then it took even longer for me to accept that it really was Her. 386 more words


The Pagan Experience - Week 3 - Deities and The Divine

Deity and the Divine- This will be the third week’s topic every month and an opportunity for you to share with everyone those who guide, inspire and inform you.

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Test Drive of the Cross Roads Ritual

So, I finally found time to carve out a ritual space in my (relatively) new apartment to test the draft of the Crossroads Ritual. On the whole, I think it went very well, though the energies were not exactly what I expected. 486 more words


Short Prayers

Wrote some short prayers on my lunch break. I’ve been wanting some short prayers for some time.  As each of my deities has a day I associate with them, I am hoping to offer these along with flame, smoke, and breath. 77 more words


Lost Goddesses of Early Greece ~ An excerpt

Triad of the Moon ~ Hecate

When the moon slipped away, shrinking gracefully into it’s own death, there were no festivities.

The nights grew blacker and the mortals guarded themselves against visiting spirits from the Underworld.Hoards of ghosts lead by Hecate and her baying hounds roamed the earth on moonlit nights.Yet she protected these mortals who purified themselves in her name.With faces averted they offered her virtual suppers at the lonely crossroads, the gathering place of spirits. 160 more words


A Bedtime Prayer

I give you thanks for all you do,

For smooth trails and bumpy roads too,

For challenges that help me grow,

And all the pleasant things that show. 152 more words

God And Goddess

The Witch Inside

I sat in the tub this morning, my seemingly always sore back muscles starting to relax. My wife was with me and she get’s too hot fairly quickly. 877 more words