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30 Days of Deity Devotion: Day 1

A basic introduction to this Deity(Deities).

Below are simple introductions to the two Deities that I am currently working with and building my relationships with. At this time, words are escaping me and I hope to flesh this information out soon, in order to better understand both of them and their roles in my spiritual practices. 185 more words

Exploring Spirituality

Exploring Spirituality: 30 Days of Deity Devotion

So, I know I talked briefly about doing the 30 Days of Devotion for Hekate over on TATWP, however I have not really been keeping up with it because of the problems I keep facing. 360 more words

Exploring Spirituality

Standing at the Crossroads: Crochet Hooks and Gestures

In my last article, I started to explore the structure of my Crossroads ritual widget. In this article, I’m going to figure out some aspects of stance and gesture in the ritual. 1,515 more words

Celebrating the Sylphs

I chose to invoke the Sylphs last because I felt that I knew them best. Air is the realm of intellect and I’ve always been one to live in my head. 1,275 more words

Modern Issues

From Darkness Into Light

We’re moving from one month into another, again. Happy month-end! Happy deipnôn!

Now, month-ends are, for some reason, very nostalgic to me. I guess, it’s because it reminds me of all the times I prayed for a chance to start fresh.  197 more words


Hekate Deipnon -October 2014

My first time with this particular observance. I cleaned and organized the hearth…shrine…altar. The name is evolving. Herself was pleased.


What's New, Pussy Cat?

For the last… week… My kids and I have been staying over at Sly’s house. It started with the bombing of our own house, trying to get rid of the pests; they were falling from the ceiling and all over the house, and I just didn’t want to deal with pests on my face. 903 more words

Exploring Spirituality