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What's New, Pussy Cat?

For the last… week… My kids and I have been staying over at Sly’s house. It started with the bombing of our own house, trying to get rid of the pests; they were falling from the ceiling and all over the house, and I just didn’t want to deal with pests on my face. 903 more words


What "A Power Greater Than Ourselves" Means To Me

Having taken a bird’s-eye view of Step Two as it applies to Paganism, I’d like to share how I have interpreted and applied Step Two in a way that merges my spiritual path with my path of recovery. 1,830 more words


The Dark Moon in Libra

The Dark Moon in Libra finds us looking inward at the role our thoughts may play in determining our actions. There is often a tendency to get caught up in our thoughts. 454 more words


The Three Magi and the Aries Blood Moon

The Waxing Phase

Much has happened since my post covering Mabon and the New Moon in Libra. At the time, I wrote about how I was confronted with my own insecurities surrounding poverty and unemployment which were being drawn out by Pluto’s stationing in Capricorn. 1,752 more words



let me pass
so long have I stood
at the crossroads.
The incense has burnt to ash,
the offerings, once ripe and rich,
a feast for flies and worms. 72 more words

Magenta Nero

love spell


great moon

sickle and scythe

kill my love

and bring him here

between my thies

my rotten lumps of flesh

take his breath

take his death… 13 more words


Dark does not mean Evil

How difficult was it to shed the notion that “dark” equated with “evil”? Have you even shed that notion yet?

I came from a very Christian background (my regulars know this and probably wish to high heavens that I’d stop bringing it up), and my worship of Lilith the Goddess was vastly restricted at first as I struggled with accounts of Lilith the Devil. 320 more words

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