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Helen Garner's House of Grief and my Sonnet 6

Helen Garner, This House of Grief: The Story of a Murder Trial (Text 2014)

This is the third of Helen Garner’s courtroom books, and it’s a much tougher read than I remember the others being. 561 more words


To wrest a few precise scraps from the void

To write: to try meticulously to retain something, to cause something to survive; to wrest a few precise scraps from the void as it grows, to leave somewhere a furrow, a trace, a mark or a few signs.

533 more words
Stray Thoughts

Review: This House Of Grief - Helen Garner

This House Of Grief
Helen Garner
Text Publishing
2014, 300p
Purchased personal copy

On Father’s Day in 2005, Robert Farquharson was returning his three sons Jai, Tyler and Bailey to his estranged wife Cindy in Winchelsea in Victoria’s south-west. 1,546 more words

Good things — Barbara Jefferis Award shortlist

Like Jane Rawson, for me there are some days and weeks when this authoring business feels like an awful lot of hard work, and I cry into my porridge in despair that anyone will ever read – let alone see merit in - a thing I write. 328 more words


On Keeping a Journal.

Research Proposal Research Proposal Research Proposal….

Here are some interesting things that I heard or saw this week:

A friend had recently read Helen Garner for the first time, a book of essays called  552 more words

Get Things Done.