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The Sessions (2012) Review

Some movie are dependant on a couple of performances rather than the story those performances are serving. The Sessions is one such film because the central performance is so demanding on the actor.  443 more words


Mad Men Sitcom Spinoff Gets Green Light At AMC

For those Modern Philosophers already mourning the end of AMC’s hit series “Mad Men” even before the second part of Season 7 gets around to airing, there might be a reason to put away the black armbands and break out the laugh track instead. 476 more words


The Curse of the Jade Scorpion ★★½

My friend, being a huge Woody Allen fan, spotted this at the video rental place last night and demanded that I pick it up. I’m pretty indifferent when it comes to Allen. 788 more words

The Sessions (2012)

After some of the films I’ve watched recently (not all reviewed here yet) it’s nice to have a change of pace and be able to sit down and watch a slower more adult film with nuance and proper dialogue. 268 more words

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Chandler's Trailers: "The Sessions" (2012)

      “The Sessions” is a small, unassuming film which  has all of the ingredients people used to go to the movies for: a compelling story filled with intelligent, appealing characters who are written with a real ear for how people talk when they actually have something interesting to say, and acted by an ensemble whose collective excellence may actually make you forget there are actors on the screen (except for the briefest appearance by Rhea Perlman which is far too Rhea Perlman for comfort), elevating the audience to that blissful state where one enters into a cinematic illusion of real life. 140 more words


HBO's Pamela Smart Doc 'Captivated' Explores the Insidiousness of the Observer Effect

On May 1, 1990, Pamela Smart came home to her New Hampshire condominium and found her husband Greggory dead, the victim of what seemed, at first, a robbery gone awry. 818 more words


Rum And Rom-Coms With Alison Stevenson: 'What Women Want'

In Rum and Rom-Coms, with Alison Stevenson, intrepid comedian and film reporter Alison Stevenson explores how much alcohol it will take to get through a rom-com. 2,264 more words

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