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Hump Day Shakespearean Quote - 28 January 2015

Innocent, virtuous, obedient and lovely Ophelia, swept over by the tragic events of life and the machinations of the corrupt Danish court. Her mother is not present–possibly having died giving birth to Ophelia. 435 more words

Disgusted Success: The plight of the reformed convict

Within Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations Pip (a young boy who inherits a wealthy inheritance plunging him into the world of the gentleman), finds himself overjoyed at the deluded notion that his benefactor is the crazed and exploitative bully who has tormented him throughout his life (Miss Havisham (Fig. 295 more words


Ode to Tim Burton

Drawing is exercise for a restless imagination.‘ – Tim Burton

The thing I love the most about Tim Burton is that he creates a whole new worlds in his movies. 857 more words

My Inspirations

Holocaust: Night will fall

tomorrow evening (saturday 24th), 9.00-10.20pm, on channel 4 tv
holocaust: night will fall (narrated by helena bonham carter)

“Holocaust: Night Will Fall is a powerful new documentary about the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps and how combat and newsreel cameramen filmed the almost unbelievable scenes encountered there.

217 more words

Les Misérables

Les Misérables is an intricate story following the lives of a group of characters during the French Revolution.

Jean Valjean is a lovable ex-con, who after serving far more time than his crime deserved, breaks parole and through a blessed meeting has an opportunity at another chance in life. 555 more words


class v culture: are we penalising the posh?

In a surprise move James Blunt has stirred up some controversy this week while gaining himself a few credibility points. Shadow culture minister Chris Bryant name checked Blunt in an interview in the Guardian criticising the number of high profile performers who come from privileged backgrounds. 695 more words


"The World's Wife" by Carol Ann Duffy

It’s time for some poetry, kids. No, don’t groan, this will be fun.

Now, if you haven’t read some of Carol Ann Duffy’s stuff, you really should. 284 more words