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Ready in any Weather

I love taking pictures of anything military! It was sooo cold on this day, but that doesn’t matter to the U.S. Army. The pilots and crew have to be ready no matter the weather conditions!


The Evolution of the Helicopter

From the whirlybird to the chopper, but most commonly known as the helicopter, this mode of flight has experienced a great of deal of evolution since it was first invented in 1939 Igor Sikorsky who’s family name is still in the business with an entire line of helicopters called Sikorsky. 390 more words

Westtown School

PKZ-2; WW1 Austro-Hungarian helicopter by Peter M. Grosz

Of all the weird and wonderful devices that have sprung from the human mind, amongst the weirdest must be the PKZ-2 helicopter of 1918. Intended as a more flexible version of the observation balloon, the PKZ-2 (the initials marking its inventors and promotors; Petrocz, Karman and Zurovic) was a tethered helicopter powered by three rotary engines driving a pair of contra-rotating fixed-pitch propellors. 129 more words

Autorotation Blitz

January 4th, 2015

Total Hours: 140.6

Another busy week. I am now a short 9.6 hours away from the 150 I need for my commercial checkride. 735 more words


Vital support in Afghanistan

One hundred and 55 repairs involving eight types of aircraft and 21,000 hours of work – that’s 1710’s achievements during their deployment to Afghanistan.

United Kingdom… 506 more words

Military Aviation