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You have been to the beach. Maybe you have gotten a bit too much sun. You have done your shopping and have your car loaded with all the gifts and souvenirs it will hold. 176 more words

Officials Search for 3 Days; Drone Finds Missing Man After 20 Minutes

After three fruitless days of extensive searching by authorities, an amateur drone pilot located a missing elderly man in a mere 20 minutes.

On Sunday, David Lesh helped save Guillermo DeVenecia, an 82-year-old man who had gone missing for three days in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, last week. 60 more words


Max's Legacy

Two teams of career criminals rampage around the Los Santos CBD, Docks and the upmarket suburbs in an effort to score a fortune of diamonds. This four part “story mission” offers 60 minutes of gameplay for 4-16 players. 280 more words


Helicopter Training Missions

One of my readers, Brian Mack, found this very interesting article about military training exercises at FHL, Camp Roberts, and Bridgeport. Thanks for finding this an sharing it, Brian. 399 more words

Big Sur

Details about Vortex RC Helicopters

When I bought my 3rd helicopter, I remember hearing about vortex rc helicopters, however having no any idea what kind they were. In essence, a vortex is an instrument that spins something to develop a vortex of wind or fluid, which is generally in the shape of a twister. 475 more words

Helicopter Toys

Diaz and Diego 6.7.14

It has been a considerable amount of time since I’ve written in this blog. I’m terrible. I don’t particularly enjoy writing and I’m terrible at the business aspect of my ..well. 302 more words


Bringing My Remote Control Helicopters to Gaithersburg

Bringing My Push-button control Helicopters to Gaithersburg

I just recently took a task found in Gaithersburg, MD, and with that comes a rather considerable move. I need to generally move across the nation, and when I recognized that this job offer was settled, I practically had a panic attack, due to the fact that I didn’t understand how I would best transport my collection of… 587 more words

Helicopter Toys