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Boeing Vertol CH-46C Labrador Helicopter

On this date, August 27, 1959, the very first flight of the Boeing Vertol CH-46C helicopter (code-named Labrador) took place.

This helicopter is a twin-engine, tandem-rotor aircraft that was a variant of the Boeing… 137 more words


Hamill Creek Fire 2007

The first summer I was living here I had my first encounter with forest fires. Although it was across the lake it was only about 10 km away. 529 more words


When Great Force Becomes Easy

The still summer evening was suddenly ripped apart by the heavy THWUP!-THWUP!-THWUP! of helicopters. In this part of St Paul copters are common enough as small emergencies across the state hurry themselves to nearby United Hospital. 788 more words


'Last Date' to 'Reserve a Coach Seat' for Alden & Broadway Estate Residents to 'Bournemouth Sea Front and Air Festival'

‘Last Date’ to ‘Reserve a Coach Seat’

for:  Alden & Broadway Estate Residents Only!

 to :  ‘Bournemouth Sea Front and Air Festival’


Come to the Seat Reservation and Bournemouth Outing Information Meeting…

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Estate Issues

Black Helicopters Over Twin Cities Have Some Asking Questions

A military training exercise has some in downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul looking to the skies and asking questions.

It’s a scene that looks straight out of an action movie. 110 more words