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B is for .....

… Bournemouth Balloon, which is Bournemouth’s highest attraction. Experience Bournemouth in a whole new way from the gondola of a giant helium balloon!
Be enchanted with a spectacular panoramic view of the English Channel and surrounding area for up to 20 miles from the highest public observation point in Bournemouth.

Candid & Still Life

Window Display Design: Session

For the 25th, we make a plan of tasks to complete by the end of the day. The tutors would like to see a basic prototype of our display so we decided to test whether or not the clothes will hang by a balloon and how many we may need per item of clothing. 92 more words

Shahnaz Alamgir

Balloon from Floral Arrangement Flies 135 Miles

Ever wondered how far a party balloon can fly if you let it go, and how long it stays in the air?  Turns out they can fly for over a hundred miles and for at least 8 hours or so.  313 more words

Launch Reports

Helium Parade Balloon Introduction Series – 45’ Newspaper Dog

Featuring: 45’ Newspaper Dog Parade Balloon

Here is one of “man’s best friends” and it is lucky that he is friendly because he measures over forty-five feet long, fifteen feet high and almost eighteen feet wide.  149 more words

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