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Shallow Hell

So I figured out something about myself that I would have before now denied strongly. I, it turns out, am shallow.

Now I am not saying that being shallow is a bad thing in any way but before recent events I would have thought I was all about personality and sense of humour and all that bollocks but the truth is I’m a sucker for a pretty face and that doesn’t have to come with a side order of substance either. 702 more words

Hell De Jour


I am not a prude.

I am not adverse to sex in most forms, although I’m not in any way, shape or form interested in anything scat related. 563 more words

Hell De Jour

Punching Above Your Weight Class

Sex and dating, like any highly competitive contact sport, has rules, judges and leagues.  There are many sporting analogies that would be appropriate to use here but the one I like best comes from boxing or any type of MMA where people get repeatedly smacked around the head (much like dating – metaphorically speaking of course) and that is punching above your weight class. 842 more words

Hell De Jour

Life on Mars?

So for the past 6 months or so, ever since the curtain got ripped off the wall for myself and 12a I have been avoiding that one thing that most people tend to seek out in my position. 606 more words

Hell De Jour

Blast From The Past: Short Back & Sides

This is a blog taken from the book, it never appeared on the original blog.  Enjoy:

I like to keep a tidy shop.  It’s just part of good grooming after all, and let’s be honest it’s not sexy if you have to go machete in hand, adventuring like you’re making your way through the Amazon to find the interesting bits.  583 more words

Hell De Jour


BDSM, the abbreviation people often shorten to S&M which is much more than just a Metallica album (granted it’s one of my favourites of theirs) is something that I know a little about.   678 more words

Hell De Jour

Strop On

Drama: love it, loathe it or be the cause of someone else’s, it happens to and around us all.  Ok, some more than others.  I tend to spend my time hearing about, dealing with and being accused of dishing out drama.   810 more words

Hell De Jour