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"Hell House" - Richard Matheson

Hell House. The “Mount Everest of haunted houses” as one of the characters, Dr. Barrett, calls it.

The book is about a house, Belasco House, in Maine. 289 more words


Distraction and Trout

At times I do almost anything except sit down to write. And I am not alone. Facing the page is agonizing for every writer. Some of us clean our houses, some of us make friends with our mailcarriers or bartenders, others take up knitting or running, some start intensive gardening projects, and a select few wander around their neighborhoods wishing they were vagabonds who had squandered all of their possessions, including their computers and the foul keyboards connected to them. 275 more words


So Much Yelling E14 - Catfish: The TV Show The Game The Ride The Experience In 4-D MAXIMUM MAX

Episode Fourteen:  “Catfish: The TV Show The Game The Ride The Experience In 4-D  MAXIMUM MAX”

This week, we’re all flies on the wall as Documentary: The Best & The Underappreciated are discussed.   37 more words