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WWE Unforgiven 2006 Review

1). Intercontinental Championship Match – Johnny Nitro © (w/Melina) vs. Jeff Hardy – ****

- This was an almost perfect pay per view opener, I realize I’ve said that a couple times over the course of my reviewing, but this is the best of those matches. 836 more words


WWE Vengeance 2005 Review

1). Intercontinental Championship Match – Carlito © vs. Shelton Benjamin – ***

-2005 was the year of consistently really strong opening matches for pay per views and this was no different. 539 more words


Why The Fuck Did This Happen: CM Punk vs Paul Heyman

My evolution into a wrestling mark has been a pretty rapid transformation, but there are certain things I can’t overlook as a fan of great writing and good storylines.   1,009 more words

Face To Heel

WWE Theme/Match Of The Week #1: Mankind 'Schizophrenic' (vs. Undertaker, King Of The Ring 1998)

There is no point to these posts, other than the fact I love WWE themes and entrances. Despite being 30-years old, I still have an abundance of them on my iPod, and if one ever happens to ‘randomly’ come on, it’s very rare that I’ll turn it off. 181 more words