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How To Deal With The Neighbor From Hell!

They let their lawn fester with junk, play obnoxiously loud music at random times in the night, never close their blinds while walking around nude, rake leaves into your once-pristine yard and give you a death glare if you mention these problems. 26 more words


London is one thing to the man who dwells
In her, another to the passer-through,
A third to stripling youths who see her new,
Splendid with sooty spires and bright with bells. 94 more words


Think About it!

I recently posted an article on facebook that discussed why many are dispelling the notion of eternal, infernal punishment in hell.  It was issued with a bit of a challenge to some who, I thought, were thoughtful about their faith.  810 more words


Hell, Part 2

     Its several miles away, but moving quickly.  A horribly black and gray thick smog emits continuously from the exhaust stack.  I cannot determine how I got here, even when I search my memory.   797 more words

First Person

Tempest in the Tomb

A solemn hush had led me astray
As a furious sea swept into June
And When the rains came down they drizzled their tempest and violence upon the moon… 59 more words