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Visions of Heaven, by Lisa Miller

Released just in time for Easter is this new book published by TIME:

(We picked up a copy at the local supermarket checkout stand under a different title:  275 more words

Emanuel Swedenborg

Episode 4: The Stanger! goes Back

He had hoped that his actions would have the desired effect, even though the opposite of his desires was bound to happen. The rules he had deduced dictated he was bound to run into a paradox. 1,698 more words


Episode 2: A Threat to Hell?

As the flames consumed him, reducing his body to ashes, his consciousness began to rise, leaving its empty shell and taking a new form. This was Hell, once you are in, even death is not a way out. 1,587 more words


Episode 1: Death, Hope and Despair

…He woke up, dragged his blood stained body, astound at the sight of his surroundings, all the colours of his life were missing, things in front of his eyes didn’t even remotely resembled what he was accustomed to seeing. 1,660 more words



Defile me in ancient

Sumerian verbiage, mephitic stranger

foreign to familiarity

and oratory fungus, smash

these voices open abstruse

like a piñata turgid with taboos… 130 more words


Klartext 7

Ich bin total müde
Würde jetzt am liebsten schon schlafen
Kann aber nicht
war grade im osternachts Gottesdienst
Die mesage war am ende des dunkels wartet immer ein licht… 90 more words