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GodMail from Hermes: Eternal vs. Immortal

We must remember that “eternal” not only means, “without end”, but also, “without beginning”. All eternal beings, therefore, can be said to be immortal, though not all immortals are eternal. 14 more words


Hellenists—Be Wise With Your Prayers

In my experience, the Hellenic gods do not operate on the level of, “Thank God for unanswered prayers.” If you have their favor and there is a bond of Kharis between you, they will bestow upon you what you ask, whether it is good for you or not. 210 more words


GodMail from Hermes: The Mortal Wound

A realized god has no need of you. That a god should express such a need is a conscious choice. This is, in part, what it is for a god to love. 70 more words


Penis-Measuring Among the Gods

When the gods go to their god-club to smoke cigars and sit in cushy chairs upholstered with the leather of mythical beasts, how do you suppose they go about measuring their penises? 132 more words


One Day in the Villa of the Master Magician

Maybe one day you’ll find me there
curled into a corner of one of his
leather couches, reading a book
from his impossible library.

When he leaves to get you a drink, 194 more words

Hellenic Polytheism

Understanding Aphrodite

Mae West is not only one of my personal heroes as a writer and as a woman, but is also my vision of who Aphrodite really is: brassy, bold, witty, and a great gleaming intelligence.



My God's Pleasure in Deserts

My god pleasures in deserts. He loves the lights of Las Vegas in the desert—the seediness, the smoke, the greed, the bafflement, the sex—oh the sex: prostitutes, strippers, Madame Volenska’s Gypsy Girls… But he holds a special place for those who empty the wallets of their Johns—those who take more for themselves. 262 more words