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Frustration to the Nth degree

Life is being rough and to combat it I’m focusing more and more on my self care. When I do this, I tend to therefor focus a bit more on Aphrodite and honoring her at her shrine.   240 more words

What is Hellenic polytheism? AKA Yes, my religion still exists

I was watching one of the Percy Jackson movies with some friends when the subject of Hellenic polytheism came up.

One of the movie’s characters had just shouted  570 more words


Copper pennies and simply moments of thankfulness

Most of us keep some kind of changes in our cars. Even if we don’t live in a place where we have meters and tolls, it is a tendancy I’ve seen most give in to. 153 more words

Rambling without a purpose but to keep myself on track

Oh look, new posting layout. Way to confusing the bloody hell out of me, wordpress. That said, I’ve been feeling more than a bit sickly lately and I realized that the deeper my depression gets, the more I get out of writing like I should be. 159 more words

Activism, devotionals, and why I do what I do

Some days I remember when I could watch a show and enjoy it, warts and bad humor and sexism and all. I remember just watching a show, never coming to that point when panic and loathing set in, when I came to realize that what I was watching was not even very carefully concealed sexism and racism and degradation to women. 612 more words

ramblings of a hellenic polytheist on love and sex and control

Many seem to think that if one works with Aphrodite that they are very sexually open. I’ve been called negative names because of it, mistreated by some, and others assuming that wink wink nudge nudge, I must be a kinky bitch. 916 more words

Aphrodite and loving oneself

When I first came to Hellenic polytheism, it was by way of Hekate a few dozen years ago. Hera though has become the goddess I am in devotion to, and Hermes is my patron as a writer. 370 more words