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Thoughts on Why Dionysos Seems Absent in the Winter

This is a two a.m. thought and will likely be short and incomprehensible.

Where to start? For many worshipers of Dionysos, he seems to go “missing” during winter. 189 more words


Still alive!

I haven’t posted in ages so I thought I’d let you guys know that I’m still alive, and so is this blog! I do intend to keep updating it but over the last month, I’ve been very busy. 306 more words


Paradoxical Dionysos

Dionysos’ female followers, the maenads, are well known. They dance and sing and get intoxicated by wine with satyrs and other members of the thiasos. They are violent when called upon to be, and they are absolutely brutal. 291 more words


Tenets of the Cult of the Ripening Vine

  1. The gods have always existed and still exist independently of mortals‏.
  2. The gods are neither wholly good nor evil; they are independent and fully developed entities with their own wants, needs, desires, and goals‏.
  3. 279 more words

Hello and Welcome!

Hello to everyone on this blog right now!

This blog was created, essentially, to spread the word about the Cult of the Ripening Vine and to make information about Dionysos available. 263 more words


Bootstraps and roses... from a larger piece I'm writing

One of the hardest things, personally, that I had trouble adjusting to when I first came to Hellenic practices was to push away those ideals and concepts that culture – in my case Western Culture – holds about the gods and goddesses. 413 more words

we weave our stories out of our bodies

Recently I began taking a look at where I am. Not the place I live, the job I’m in, but me. I realized I’m not happy who I’ve let myself be. 280 more words