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Bootstraps and roses... from a larger piece I'm writing

One of the hardest things, personally, that I had trouble adjusting to when I first came to Hellenic practices was to push away those ideals and concepts that culture – in my case Western Culture – holds about the gods and goddesses. 413 more words

we weave our stories out of our bodies

Recently I began taking a look at where I am. Not the place I live, the job I’m in, but me. I realized I’m not happy who I’ve let myself be. 280 more words

Divine worship and chronic illness: Or do I have the spoons for this

Two things I make no secret of online is that I am both Hellenic Polytheist, and someone enduring a chronic pain disorder. I don’t keep seperate blogs for anything I speak about because I believe in the school of thought that it’s all about me and it’s the good, the bad and the ugly. 339 more words

Hellenismos at twelve years old: my experience as a teenage Pagan

Many people become interested in Paganism or Wicca in their teenage years. Whether it’s because they’re unsatisfied with their current religion, have always felt drawn to pre-Christian beliefs but only now have access to the information, think magick and Percy Jackson are “cool”, or want to rebel against their parents (not all of these are good reasons), there are many teenagers following a Pagan path. 1,499 more words


What kind of Hellenic polytheist are you?

Fun fact: the Ancient Greeks didn’t have a word for “religion”. In those days, religion, culture, philosophy, society and everyday life were so closely entwined that it was almost impossible to differentiate one from another. 1,368 more words