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Michael Karavasilis is a musician, composer and researcher. He has studied theory of music, musicology and instrumentation at Berkley School of Music (USA). Since then, he is researching ancient Hellenic music and constructing ancient Hellenic musical instruments. 88 more words

Brad Pitt Has Ruined Ancient Greece For Me

I love doing those free courses on edX. I’ve just started one run by Harvard on Ancient Greek heroes.

One of the high schools I went to offered a classical studies course, and it was the best class ever. 154 more words

First Festival

I had the opportunity to participate in my first Pagan festival with the grove last weekend. Midnight Flame Festival, hosted by Grove of the Midnight Sun in Michigan, was a brilliant experience for me as a fist festival. 517 more words

The Leap of Bacchus to Ariadne: In The Realm of Becoming

Liber Pater, the Roman god who presided over human seed, (as related by Augustine) was often seen as being Dionysos, as he was by Ovid that poet of becoming, for whom he was a patron god. 1,118 more words


The road where speech goes straight

The Eumenides (“The Kindly Ones”) is the final entry in Aeschylus’ Oresteia, the only extant ancient Greek dramatic trilogy. (The final tragedy, anyway: the three tragedies would normally be associated with a more light-hearted “satyr play.” Only fragments of the… 860 more words