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A Synthesis of pagan thought for those interested

Tired of all the errors, mistakes and laughable obvious nonsense of neopagans and New Agers, I decided to provide what I consider to be the main texts and sources of pagan thought to correct all of this. 348 more words


The Leap of Bacchus to Ariadne: In The Realm of Becoming

Liber Pater, the Roman god who presided over human seed, (as related by Augustine) was often seen as being Dionysos, as he was by Ovid that poet of becoming, for whom he was a patron god. 1,118 more words


The road where speech goes straight

The Eumenides (“The Kindly Ones”) is the final entry in Aeschylus’ Oresteia, the only extant ancient Greek dramatic trilogy. (The final tragedy, anyway: the three tragedies would normally be associated with a more light-hearted “satyr play.” Only fragments of the… 860 more words


Recipe: Anastasia’s Spiral Pita

As a devotion for the Feast of Hekate today (13th of August) which honours her storm aspect,  I personally like to leave offerings at crossroads to appease her.   308 more words

Meet a non-Canberra Foodie - or two - Helena and Vikki from My Kitchen Rules

I was delighted to hear last week that Helena and Vikki, who competed in the 2014 series of the 7 Networks, My Kitchen Rules, will be honorary Canberrans for a day later this month when they host a dinner/masterclass at the Hellenic club in Woden. 696 more words

Meet A #Canberra Foodie

Remember to pay the debt

Don’t ask me why one should read Plato. That would be to say why one should study philosophy, and Plato’s Apology, his account of Socrates’ trial, did that already. 1,697 more words