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Look at that! Llewellyn has its first book out on Hellenismos

From the Amazon.com page:

The religion of the ancient Greeks has lain dormant for too long. In Hellenismos, Tony Mierzwicki shows how to bring it back in all of its primal glory. 75 more words

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I know this author personally and his wife from local Pagan Pride Day events, they are awesome people and I have been waiting for this book for a very long long time.

The Cemetery Within a Cemetery

by Sheldon

It’s the 1820′s and a deep sense of national pride is raging amongst the Greek people of the Ottoman Empire. Desperate to seek independence from a realm that had existed since the 1300′s, what started in 1814 as a conspiracy in Odessa (now modern day Ukraine) now had the backing of most of the merchants of Greece, resulting in a small army of troops crossing the Prut River into Moldavia to attack Turkish soldiers. 603 more words


The Importance of Correct Labels

Each morning when I wake up, I take an hour before work to sit at the computer with a cup of coffee and check emails and read blog posts. 999 more words

Hellenic Coin

Apologies for the quality of the pic but I only had my iphone at the time.

A recent funeral I did featured elements of the deceased lady’s personal Hellenic practices. 115 more words

Being Hellenic or Hellin-ish

AS a part of the ADF Dedicant Path one is encouraged to find and study a Hearth Culture, Norse, Vedic, Greek (Hellenic), Celtic, as these are the Indo-European of which this foundation is based on. 776 more words

Talking About Reconstruction

I promised this a while back, but have been so busy and now realize nearly a month has passed. So…

 I talked about exploring some Celtic practices upon North American land, like encountering the local land goddess in whichever land we live on, working with river and creek deities/spirits, springs and other local spirits; ways of offering to them, based on years of my own experience and experiments. 463 more words