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Hello Ladies: The Movie

This week, HBO aired the movie finale to its original comedy series Hello Ladies. Head on over to HBOWatch.com for my review of that film.


A Proper Goodbye - Hello Ladies: The Movie (2014)

Comedy, like all things, is subjective.  There is no doubt though that Stephen Merchant is a funny man, whether on screen or off.  This film based upon and capping off his short-lived television series of the same name is a wonderful send-off that features everything you loved about the show, plus a little more.  542 more words

The Telltale Mind

'Hello Ladies,' 'The Comeback' and the Rise of HBO's New 'Annoyinghero' Archetype

Well I dreamed there was an island that rolled up from the sea
And everybody on the island was somebody from TV.
And there was a beautiful view that nobody could see… 2,284 more words

Stephen Merchant answers burning questions about 'Hello Ladies: The Movie'

Spoiler alert: Stephen Merchant wrapped up his one-season wonder Hello Ladies with a movie Nov. 22 on HBO. His character, Stuart, finally learned to appreciate his real friends (as opposed to men who could get him closer to models) and ended up with his roommate, Jessica (Christine Woods). 2,045 more words


Stephen Merchant has a tip for watching sex scenes with your parents

Stuart, the single Brit looking for love in Los Angeles—or, more accurately, a makeout session with a model— returns to HBO Saturday night with the premiere of… 108 more words


Weekend TV Preview: A Rescue Mission Is Launched On 'The Walking Dead'

The Walking Dead
(AMC, Sunday 9:00 p.m.) — After three episodes spent focusing on Beth, Abraham’s group, and Carol and Daryl, this week’s episode check in with the church group as Father Gabriel questions how the Terminus gang was handled and a rescue mission for Beth and Carol is launched. 411 more words


'Hello Ladies - The Movie' Review: Dominic Patten Says Goodbye To HBO Show

The last-gasp wrapping up Hello Ladies: The Move doesn’t deliver on any of its potential, as I say in my video review above. It airs Saturday at 10 PM on HBO. 148 more words

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