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Hello! I am Scripted; a thinker, writer, and reader. Taking off labels are one of my known specialties, as well as sarcasm, over-thinking, and dreaming about fantastical lands. 30 more words

Thank you!

Just wanted to say thank you to all my followers. I pray this blog blesses and ministers to you!

Much Love & God Bless


Hello, Tomorrow!

看昨天的我们 走远了
在命运广场中央 等待
那模糊的 肩膀
越奔跑 越渺小
曾经 并肩往前的 伙伴
在举杯 祝福后都 走散
只是那个 夜晚
我深深 的都留藏在心坎
长大以后 我只能奔跑
我多害怕 黑暗中跌倒
明天你好 含着泪微笑
越美好 越害怕得到 295 more words


Welcome to the archive

Hello. What you’re looking at here is an archive — a wayback machine of sorts — of my beloved blog-of-coffee. It contains everything I’ve posted, since the beginning, in July of 2007, until July 11th, 2012. 22 more words


Thursday 140731

Rest day
Make up strict press and hang snatch

6:30pm Mobility night with Bryn! BYOB



@AdoreDelano Teases Us With "Hello, I Love You" Out August 1

Friday gives us so many reasons to look forward to it already, but add to it Adore’s “Hello, I Love You” and you really need a fast forward button on life. 24 more words

RuPaul's Drag Race