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Hello, my name is:

My name is Kristine, how about you?

Well, I am not particularly new in the blog sphere. I had my own share of experiences, dating as far back as xanga to the most recent tumblr. 125 more words


let's do it september

Labour day marks the end of summer. Everyone is in back to school mode even if you are not going back to school! You can’t help it with all the  201 more words



I’ve been a keen home baker for a number of years and have started this blog primarily as a way to document my bakes and to share recipes, hints, and tips with other bakers.  82 more words



A friend and I were walking on a street close to Times Square. Not that we ever want to go to that crowded touristy mess, but I insisted to go there because I wanted to check out this Irish place close by. 97 more words

Random Encounters

My First Kiss Went a Little Like- Oh Wait...

(Why I’m not ashamed of never having been kissed)

The other day I was scrolling through Facebook when I stumbled upon an article titled, “ 625 more words


1st Post!

Hello Everyone!

This is Sparrow and I wanted to say hi to everyone! We are excited to start blogging and will have our first posts out starting next Monday! 131 more words


Tuesday 140902

Warm up
“Strict” Burpees
C2B Pull-ups

1) Back Squat
1×5 75%, 1×3 85%, 1×1+ 95%
*All percentages based on 90% 1RM.

2) For time… 12 more words