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Muddy Mekong

Hello and happy sunday!

As promised, today we have travelled to southern Vietnam. However, this photo has moved away from the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh city down into the Mekong delta. 174 more words

Värske Hello! on nagu seen (jah, selline pealkiri juba kusagil oli)

Trükisooja ajakirja veel letil ei ole, aga esikaant annab juba mäluda. Tundub, et Hello! kujundustiim on seekord hauganud mingit hallutsinogeenset seent.

Mis toimub Dvinjaninovi pildi taustaga? 753 more words


Hey there, sunshine!

Hello, unknown reader!

I’m Giulia, this is my blog and I have no idea of how to use it.

Not a very comforting introduction, huh? No worries, if there’s hope for everyone I’ll learn how to use this page and maybe it will turn out as something even interesting and nice…or at least not so bad. 262 more words


Käige minu sõnade, mitte minu tegude järgi: jõulukink suvereporteritele

Kohvi kõrvale tegin tiiru netis, et lugeda, mida väljamaa kolleegid ka kirjutavad ja arvavad. Üks toimetaja kirub, et ükski ülikool ei anna praktilisi juhiseid, kuidas õieti peaks reporter allikat intervjueerima. 1,805 more words



Hello All! My name is Sarah Smith-Wallace. I have been married almost 1 year on August 31! I love my dearest husband. He is the best person I know, loving and caring as all get out! 192 more words



Hi! My name is Candice, but you can just call me Cici. I created this blog on a whim, because I just got in a dental school and hopefully I can write up some of my experience and knowledge on this blog! 22 more words


The First One!


So I’ve been having a really hard time trying to figure out what to do as my first post… like, a REALLY hard time. It shouldn’t be such a big deal, but it kinda feels like it is, you know? 239 more words