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Elly cries

Hello friends and not so friends, as you may have guessed by the title I’m a bit down today and I’m obviously going to tell you about it. 205 more words

Hello Globe!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your initial publish. Edit or delete it, then commence blogging!


Daily Ideas

Oh, World, I'm kidding...

Oh dear dear World, I’m merely kidding. 

I don’t foresee many, if any of you looking upon this blog and these future, non-existent-as-of-now, posts.

Do carry on with life.

Hello World, You are my Experiment.

Hello there. This blog is essentially, an Experiment. Well, you are the Experiment. 

Let me tell you how you are an Experiment.

You are an Experiment, my Experiment, in a sense that I am going to observe  147 more words


Welcome one and all

So…. as great as Facebook is for posting nice pictures.  As great as Twitter is for one sentence comments.  Issues that are so complex I feel, deserve a little more detail, and I feel the people of Cardiff should be able to understand my position clearly so I hope this helps. 32 more words