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Thank you that you find it favourable to provide friends with perspective. Thank you that when I’m right into the middle of a hissy fit, all self focused and angry, you use humour to give me a wake up call. 580 more words



Week 4: And Open Our Eyes to Behold Love’s Face

Day 1 of 5

It is one thing to talk about looking for the presence of God in the midst of our daily lives, and finding the sacred in those thick places that we explored last Friday.

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Good morning God. Sun. Shine. Again. Thank you.

I’m trying to control this thing, trying to get answers, pursuing rather than trusting. Help me to let it go as I have done all I can in my power and now it’s up to you. 625 more words



Oh God,

I’m feeling angry and helpless and frustrated and at risk. An email that I shouldn’t have opened, should have known, and now I wonder does someone have access? 114 more words


Existential angst… ripping my insides out… this feeling of someone punched me in the guts and there’s nothing I can do to make it go away and I’m wondering and half crying and wishing and hoping and wanting to talk to someone flesh on about things and I think of my dad but here’s not home and I don’t know what to do with it all. 125 more words


Dear God,

I’m full of excited energy, ideas, desire to do, and it’s hard for me to settle into studying for my midterm. I’m thinking ahead to April… National Poetry Month, and wanting to do something with others. 543 more words



Good morning God,

This grace thing, this unconditional love of yours made evident to us through the sacrificial death of your one and only son Jesus… you love us all. 690 more words