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It Was Like Yesterday

I miss you, daddy. I know you are now away happy in somewhere that I can’t reach. Just to see your name liking on someone’s picture, it hurt. 411 more words


All I Can Do Is Pray. (Is That All?)

A Year of Being Kind blog – Tuesday, October 21, 2014

All I Can Do Is Pray. (Is That All?)

I was sitting in church on this gray October day. 476 more words

121 and I don't know what to say

Dear God,

I’m feeling quiet, lacking words and energy today. Maybe more coffee? Maybe I don’t know what.

My dreams, my last minute before I fall asleep thoughts last night centred around who she is and who I would like him to be with or choose or whatever you call it. 598 more words


119 and I am afraid

Dear God,

That feeling in my gut is rising up and a fog of doubt is invading my mind. Help me God. I have prepared, I have been responsible and faithful to the task at hand and I know this is my process, that having prepared I still feel less than worthy and less than able. 321 more words