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What suppression/emotional burden, does to women.

The end of this is happy, but Flat out….? It kills us. Plain and simple. We feel dead. We slap on a happy face, and make everybody think we are happy. 416 more words

Problems Of Monogamy

Alpha 24/7

Hey guys, I’m up again late tonight doing work but I’m not tired so that is good. Listening to music helps me stay up and doing my work. 145 more words

Stop turning (Poem #27)

I would just like to take a moment,

To breath,

And step back,

Because things get kind of overwhelming,

And everything needs to just slow down, 33 more words


October 21st

Call me crazy but my puppy Oscar definitely knows that something is up. Usually it is my right hand that he plays with, but for some reason today he went for my left hand, and that is the hand with the cuts on it. 450 more words

A difficult day.

Today hasn’t really got any better being honest. The physical anxiety seems to have lessened as the day wore on. When I arrived at work my friend Mark looked at me and said straight away “Are you okay? 503 more words

Physician, Heal Thyself...

According to phrases.org.uk the phrase, “physician, heal thyself” means at its simplicity, “Attend to one’s own faults, in preference to pointing out the faults of others.” 693 more words


What Your Outfit Says About Your Attitude

There are many reasons why people choose the outfit that they do and I am often curious about those reasons. Sometimes you look at a person and it’s clear they are having a rough day and others you’re just questioning where their life is headed all together. 478 more words