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Day Ninety-Eight | Anyone need surgery?

The two enemies of human happiness are pain and boredom.

……but seriously.



Damn! I’m surrounded by people!
No space to do anything, to go anywhere.
I’m stuck! Looking any and everywhere for an escape.
Please let me go! 58 more words


The cracks in the wall (Poem #46)

It’s nights that suck the most,

Because it means being alone,

in a dark room,

with no one to talk to,

no one to hear you… 100 more words


The best thing I did all week was not flip out at my kid #healthy65

My family’s morning usually begins at 6 a.m., when my daughter’s feet pitter pat down the hallway, she creaks open my bedroom door and announces, … 1,458 more words

Working Mom

I Have been thinking... Now Yes My head hurts

So as I take more and more pictures in Secondlife for the blog, and trying to get better and better quality in my shots. I feel that I am still getting something wrong, I see all these 100% crisp perfect images coming out, with prefect shadowing and I am wondering if there anyone out there in the world will to teach me out to get better pictures. 27 more words

A Grey T-Shirt....

   I heard on the radio recently that Mark Zuckerberg, one of the founding inventors of the giant social media that is Facebook always wears the same grey t-shirt to work every day. 410 more words

Christian Living

I'll see you here?

I don’t believe i’m recovering too well from this cold. It’s probably the accumulation of working, tiredness, global warming, and the clothes everywhere in my room. 144 more words