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"HELP ME" : Low Roar - YouTube

stripped down / acoustic version of a song from the upcoming record.


Freedom of expression...right?

Okay. My prom isn’t far and I’m dreading it. The prom in itself isn’t what is making me feel like this. I’m not a girly girl so wearing a dress is out of the question. 296 more words

Gender Appearance

It's coming back to me

Depression has been leaking back into my life these past few months. I can fight it, push it back, ..hide it. It’s invading my thoughts and even making the happiest of memories miserable. 91 more words

I Want to Buy a House

Unfortunately I am broke, have bad credit and to top it all off…I don’t even know where in the world to start. Do you just go to a bank, ask for so and so amount of money then make an offer? 43 more words


Dear blog: What the hell are you doing?

I don’t know why, but my blog has decided to go coco on me and I don’t appreciate it..



Black thumb

The trees in our front yard are covered in little nubblies that will soon explode into big chlorophyll-sucking leaves. Two crocuses are getting ready to show their shy little faces in the back yard. 350 more words


Let today be different than every other day. Let me hear Your voice in a new way. Let my faith arise like never before. Let me be one who is known by my love for You.

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