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Fall? Nah, it had a flip

Is this not how that scene went in the Reichenbach fall episode?


The 10th Discipline: Thaddeus

Oh Jude, take a sad song and make it better. . . Beatles.

Compliments will get you everywhere.

Recently I was in the market getting some grub for dinner and the service attendant with whom I interact quite often, remarked “You’re looking worn out.” Maybe so, but the thing was I was feeling just fine until he said I looked worn out. 239 more words


I have to say...

…every time I see that someone new is following my blog or that someone likes one of my posts, it makes me smile.
Thank you. 31 more words

Thank You

James, the 9th Discipline of Jesus

When one looks carefully around them they discover a world by design. Unless we live in the wilderness, every object around us was first an idea in the mind of someone else before us. 254 more words


The Gift of God

Matthew the Devine 

The eighth disciple of Jesus was Matthew. Matthew (/ˈmæθjuː/; MATH-ew) is a given name that ultimately comes from the Hebrew name… 258 more words


Medicating My Medication

I had a big presentation at the end of one of my Philosophy courses in college. It was a dense, grueling, 300-level class taught by possibly the world’s awesomest Phil professor in the history of ever. 1,841 more words

Please Help me.

Introduction To me

Hello everyone! I’m writing this post in order to ask help from all people. I’ve given heading of Intro. To Me. 249 more words

Help Me