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A Pill

There is no pill for eternal grief.

For pain that lasts long after it is supposed to linger. When you’re sent messages like angels with broken heads and your bleeding. 112 more words

Spirits & Ghosts

The Big Move

I’m not sure why I decided to stay and fight for a love that was…I’m not sure if it was because I wanted to or because I thought I had to, for the sake of my lil baby, for the sake of not wanting to have a “failed marriage”. 325 more words



I don’t know where I’m going or what I’m doing, but I’m here. Sometimes I feel like I’m walking through fog on the clearest days. I’m missing something, my soul is missing a piece. 58 more words


Sigh* Poetry.

I don’t understand poetry.
It’s what I’d say in a paragraph
but with a lack of grammar
and a bunch of entered space.

When I read poetry… 64 more words


If you had to write a letter, who would it be to?

Heyya my lovelies.

I’ve been asked to write a letter to someone, to anyone, as part of a writing task. I get to chose if it’s formal or informal, and who it is to. 170 more words

Language Fails Me

I am no longer communicating.
What I want and need to say remains tucked inside my pocket
It smells like mold and musk

Wasting our time babbling on about dynamics that don’t matter… 168 more words

Coming Undone

Help Me - Joni Mitchell

Day #1029

“Help me, I think I’m falling in love again. When I get that crazy feeling I know I’m in trouble again.

Help me, I think I’m falling in love with you.  262 more words

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