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So I’m a huge believer in everything happens for a reason, if you miss your bus it was for a reason, if you fail a class it was for a reason, the reason may not be apparent for years, it goes without saying that with this belief comes the belief that if you trust your instincts you will come out on top. 627 more words

Mistakes happen.

17 minutes after I popped out of my moms womb out came another baby. Yep, I’m a twin. I’m a girl and my twin is a boy. 288 more words

Day After Day

I've gone mad.

SO there’s this guy… (Okay I know what you’re probably thinking. “Oh no, not one of these stories!!” Or if you’re a female I probably already have you intrigued. 540 more words

Day After Day


Time for the late night feels even though it’s only 8 PM.  I mean who even invented those.  I’m so confused right now.  My heart is so complicated, and I don’t know what I want.   262 more words


Help Me Find the Words

There are good and bad things about getting older. Some of the good are things like maturing and understanding the world better, and some of the bad are things like losing conviction and bills (always the god damn bills). 785 more words

100 thoughts about Enrique Iglesias

I saw Enrique Iglesias last week.

In person.

Like, the only thing separating my irises from his flesh were the tears in my eyes and also the thousands of people and two hundred or so feet between us. 1,104 more words

Dead Ends

On September 25, 2003, my life hit a dead end. My now ex-wife had left me for someone else, my house was about to be foreclosed on, I was facing bankruptcy, and I lost my business because of some bad decisions. 573 more words