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Poet's Block

Verses, lines and rhythm you can always put that into a tune. A poem is easily a song but a song can’t be easily poetic. You can rhyme and say that your words came from a deep place yet how deep did you go to find your own vocabulary? 935 more words


Messed up day

Today has been a day I just want to finish as soon as possible.

I won’t even be able to post this on the day I wrote it! 321 more words

Blocked and Fatigued: Mentor Required.

The things that happen in this country politically are what I most often want to write about in my column for Cool Perth Nights. I can do music, reviews, art, lifestyle, whatever, but I am most passionate about social issues, as they are affected by the political sphere… so I read and read and read and take notes and think and think and think, and I write, but more often than not I am at the mercy of my emotions regarding these issues. 331 more words


The first morning

I woke up today for the first time knowing I will never have the woman I adore back. The hollow, empty feeling engulfed me as soon I was conscious. 185 more words


I’m 24, a poor college grad and overweight. I’m not obese, but I could stand to return to my high school weight. There’s just one issue: I hate working out and loooooooooooooooooove pizza. 248 more words



So I already posted today saying how my life had been going better and how I was feeling happier. Well as always with me I am not allowed to be happy for very long. 170 more words


The best thing to do with this spider

Ok, this is a slight misuse of the blog. I’m supposed to supply you with a best thing, not the other way round.

But this giant spider has moved in to the area where my bin also lives. 417 more words