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A Series of Unfortunate Employees

Since my (almost) two years at the bank I have seen over 15 employees come and go, including one manager– if you can even call him that. 323 more words

Trust Me I Am A Teller

Fall-ing Forward

Have you ever dreamt that you trip and though the ground is right there you get that falling forever feeling and jerk yourself awake? Well I feel like I am in the middle of that falling feeling but cannot wake up! 318 more words


I fucked up *** possible triggers

I made a bad judgement call as work. I don’t talk about work as much as I would like too since this is a public blog. 250 more words

Love sick puppy

Fantasizing about someone or something random happening to you is just that, a fantasy. However big or small, it can’t be helped, an unconscious collection of thoughts that imprint in your brain. 59 more words


I'm Going Down

Hi, friends. I’m sorry I haven’t been on here for quite some time now. I’m not feeling okay. Up to now, actually. I don’t know when I’ll be alright. 32 more words


An hours respite

Yesterday mainly consisted of fighting back tears and trying to empty my mind of Clare, sometimes I can control the tears but I can never rid myself of visions of her. 364 more words

Someone remind me(poem #11)

Can someone please remind me,

what life was like before,

Before I had this sickness,

Before I had to fight this war…

Because it’s tearing me apart, 136 more words