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If only Hobby Lobby....

…sold hobbies, instead of just supplies.  Cause I am in desperate need. 

My hubby is a serious gamer.  He could sit at the computer for HOURS, playing the same game.  251 more words


Hospitals…vile places full of death and illnesses. I hate them.

Last week I had some blood samples taken to be tested and apparently my body was shutting down because of a lack of sugar, iron and other things I don’t care to remember so they marched me straight off to the hospital. 279 more words


Getting back on track

When things aren’t going well enough and Failure is waving its bony hand

Not Waving but Drowning

This bit is to help park the emotional side. 987 more words

Help Me!

Help Me: Hydration

I have to start by saying I haven’t been blogging lately and I’m not sure why. Work is busy, but not excessively so, I haven’t fallen off my exercise or food program (so I’m not in hiding). 677 more words



I am currently sat in a car waiting for my mum, (who has been in the shop for aaaaaages) and I drank too much red bull and really need to pee. Please send help!!!


I suck

I suck, I suck, I suck I know I’m sorry.

Between family in the hospital, work, watching cousins, watching one of friends kids, and my nephew being born I have literally not even had my nights to sit at the computer. 11 more words


Insomnia strikes again.

Do some people just not have a natural sleeping cycle?
Because I really feel like I don’t. It’s been impossible for me to get on a normal sleeping schedule let alone keep it! 175 more words