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More Carpool Volunteers needed for our Open the Door to Reading Program

The support from parents this year has been great, but we have still have someĀ openings in February.

Our Open the Door to Reading Program… 56 more words

Help Needed

Funky Artist Is Broke- Needs Sales

Let me tell you about this “vibration” I’ve been in.

I have been broke for far too long. I’ve been on food stamps for a while now and while I still need them, they were taken away after a re-filing misunderstanding. 708 more words


Working, Working, Working...

So, I would say that unless you’re a big time author who has been on the bestsellers list multiple times, you probably have a day job and when you get home, writing or editing, or formatting is the LAST thing that is on your mind. 130 more words

Calling all carrot eaters

Well…..I did my weekly tesco online shop the other day during lunch at work and ordered the usual things, fruit, veg, meat, fish and of course potatoes. 185 more words


Setting a To-Do List

So, sometimes it seems that things are awry and you just don’t know where to begin. For example, today, I had a lot to do and it was all over the place. 233 more words

Getting Involved

When you’re starting to write your first book, you’re probably very lost. The indie author community is HUGE – literally – containing thousands of authors who self publish and do a lot of things on their own, but that’s nothing to worry about. 646 more words

Quick Write

Sometimes taking a break from what you’re working on to do a quick writing sprint to work on something else gives your mind a break. I did that today and I loved it. 867 more words